Twitch Bans and Unbans Asmongold

Twitch streamer Asmongold has a stressful 24 hours after he gets banned and then wakes to see Twitch has unbanned him overnight. It’s been a very eventful month for Twitch streamer Asmongold. His live coverage of the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial led to his channel becoming the most-watched on Twitch. Just weeks later…

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TikTok’s parent company is gearing up to invest a lot of money in VR

ByteDance, the company that owns TikTok, is getting serious about entering the virtual reality (VR) space, according to a report from Protocol. A source close to the situation told the outlet that the company plans on investing “tons of money” to develop VR-related content. It looks like a large portion of ByteDance’s investment is going…

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Moody RPG Sunday Gold might be the first Disco Elysium-like

For my money, the most exciting trailer at this year’s Future Games Show was the brief, one minute world premiere of Sunday Gold (opens in new tab), an indie with elements of point-and-click adventures and JRPGs, as well as a striking retro-future look and impressionist character art that reminds me of the work of Aleksander…

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Homeworld 3 Delayed to Protect Developers’ Health

Developer Blackbird Interactive announces a delay in strategy game Homeworld 3’s planned launch, emphasizing developer health as a priority. After nearly twenty years since the previous game in the series, Homeworld 3 is almost here. However, fans will have to wait a little longer for this new installment, as the developers have announced a delay…

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Freeride is an action-RPG that’s also a secret personality test

Freeride (opens in new tab) is an action-RPG that is also a personality test: Unleashed on a strange world filled with spirits, you’ll use physics-based telekinesis to help people, solve puzzles, or do whatever you want, with no judgment at all. Consequences, though, that’s a different matter. The idea of Freeride is that it’s basically…

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Pokemon Fan Makes Their Own Gigantamax Version of Swampert

A Pokemon fan designs their own interpretation of what a Gigantamax form for the Ground/Water-type Swampert could look like. New forms are one of the most common types of Pokemon fan art. While some will create fan-made regional variants or evolutions for older Pokemon, some instead design entirely new mega evolutions or Gigantamax forms for…

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The travel-friendly Sonos Roam is still on sale for $37 off

Welcome to the weekend! We’re kicking things off today with a rare deal on the superb Sonos Roam, which remains one of the best Bluetooth speakers we’ve ever tested. Regularly $179.99, you can currently buy it from Best Buy, B&H Photo, and Sonos for just $143.20, the speaker’s best price to date. That’s less than…

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This kaiju kissing game makes me believe in the power of love

My shrivelled heart normally only has room for my puppy, but after watching the trailer for Kaichu (opens in new tab) on the Wholesome Direct stream I might be ready to believe in the supernatural power of love.  Kaichu is a dating sim for kaiju, which is the kind of sales pitch that needs no…

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Elden Ring Fan Art Shows Rykard, Ranni, and Radahn Reunited

Elden Ring lore is full of factions and significant events, though with the demigods making up a good chunk of the main bosses, it is no surprise fans find them interesting. One creative Elden Ring player clearly loves Radagon and Renalla’s children, as they have shared some gorgeous art of the three siblings meeting up…

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Telegram Premium is coming later this month

Telegram will soon start putting some features behind a paywall (via TechCrunch). In a post on the platform, founder Pavel Durov announced that the messaging service is launching a paid Telegram Premium subscription later this month, giving users “additional features, speed and resources.” Durov hints at some of the features coming with the subscription, including…

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