Wednesday’s top tech news: layoffs come for Microsoft

My condolences to anyone at Microsoft affected by what’s reportedly going to be a large round of layoffs. Around 5 percent of the tech giant’s workforce is thought to be affected, which translates to 10,000 people potentially losing their jobs. It would make Microsoft the latest tech giant to have cut thousands of jobs in…

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Today’s Wordle 578 answer and hint for Wednesday, January 18

Whether you’re hoping to win today’s Wordle, win every day, or just want to know what the heck this game’s all about then you’re in the right place. Just below you’ll find links to helpful guides and archives, a fresh hint for the January 18 (578) Wordle, and even the answer in easily accessible plain…

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Ludwig Buys $20,000 Box of Pokemon Cards

Content creator Ludwig makes an expensive purchase buying a box of first-edition Pokemon cards, attempting to find out if he can get his money back. Popular YouTube creator Ludwig put his money where his mouth is by purchasing a box of first-edition Pokemon cards for an experiment to see how much he could earn back…

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Logitech’s new $69.99 webcam is a stylish alternative to its aging C920s

Logitech is adding a new webcam to its Brio lineup in the form of the Brio 300. At $69.99 (£74.99), it’s at the low end of Logitech’s Brio lineup and only offers up to 1080p / 30fps capture rather than 4K / 30fps or 1080 / 60fps like the $199.99 Brio 4K Pro. It has…

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Ubisoft Paris employees are going on strike to protest CEO’s ‘catastrophic’ comments

Ubisoft announced last week that it is not having a good 2023 (opens in new tab) so far. Skull and Bones was delayed again, but more seriously, the company’s inability to release games that anyone cares about has caused serious financial bleeding. Now Ubisoft is facing even more headaches, as the Solidaires Informatique union has…

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GTA Online Player Pulls Off Car Wheelie Using One Tire

One GTA Online player perfects their driving skills in the game as they pull off a spectacular car wheelie with only a single tire. One Grand Theft Auto Online fan pulled off a remarkable stunt by doing a car wheelie with a single tire. Grand Theft Auto Online is one of the most famous online…

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How to defeat Seekers in Valheim

Valheim Seekers are the new insect-like creatures that are only found in the Mistlands biome. There are two different varieties, one of which has wings and can fly short distances, which can easily catch your Viking unaware. Thankfully, this variety tends to stay on the ground for the most part so you have a better…

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Khleo Thomas, aka Zero from Holes, Reveals His Favorite Video Game

Home Gaming News Khleo Thomas, aka Zero from Holes, Reveals His Favorite Video Game Khleo Thomas, famous for his role as Zero in the movie Holes, reveals his favorite video game while attending the premiere of The Last of Us. Actor Khleo Thomas, best known for his role as Zero in the 2003 movie Holes,…

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PC Gamer’s most-anticipated games of 2023

Awfully nice year you’ve got there, videogames. Mind if we look under the hood? 2023 is looking good on paper. We’ve already declared it a “stacked” year for FPSes. Long-awaited games from Bethesda and Rocksteady are due, but it’s not all remakes and sequels, either: Suicide Squad is a bonafide blockbuster, Rogue Trader is the…

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes a Fuzzy Tom Nook Figure

Home Gaming News Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes a Fuzzy Tom Nook Figure An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player Photoshops a Tom Nook figure in order to give it a fuzzy texture that helps add a little realism. An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan digitally altered a Tom Nook figure to give it a…

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