Rainbow Six Siege just became Ubisoft’s most important game

Last week, Ubisoft opened up about its financial troubles (opens in new tab), citing disappointing sales for recent games, the cancellation of three unannounced projects (for a total of seven canned games in the last six months), and yet another Skull and Bones delay (opens in new tab). In response, the worldwide publisher is tightening…

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Fortnite Update Adds Deku’s Smash, Falcon Scout, New Reality Augments And More

Home Gaming News Fortnite Update Adds Deku’s Smash, Falcon Scout, New Reality Augments And More The latest Fortnite content update is finally here and it adds tons of fun items and new reality augments to the game, so here’s what’s new. Although it was delayed, the latest Fortnite content patch has been released, and it’s…

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Spotify, Basecamp, and Deezer ask European regulators to crack down on Apple

Spotify and a group of European companies are calling on the European Commission to take “swift and decisive action” against Apple over what they describe as anti-competitive practices that have hampered their businesses. The letter, which is also signed by Basecamp, Deezer, and five others, mostly focuses on the App Store. It says Apple places…

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Where to find Wurmling Bones in WoW Dragonflight

You’ll need to hunt down Wurmling Bones in order to spawn Worldcarver A’tir in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. Rare mobs are often pretty tough to take on solo, so it’s not a bad idea to group up or wait until there are a few others in the area before engaging one—especially if it’s your first…

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Twitch Has Banned Jaycgee

Twitch streamer Joelle ‘Jacygee’ Grieco, known for her variety streams, has been banned from the streaming platform for unspecified reasons. Twitch streamer Joelle “Jaycgee” Grieco has been banned from the platform. Her last stream was a Twitch subathon that started on January 5th, which was cut short following the sudden ban. Jaycgee is known for…

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Microsoft set to lay off thousands of employees tomorrow

Microsoft is preparing to announce job cuts tomorrow. Sky News reports that thousands of roles will be cut, with the software giant said to be looking at cutting around 5 percent of its workforce. With more than 220,000 employees at Microsoft, that could mean more than 10,000 layoffs. While Sky News doesn’t name an exact…

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Noblechairs Legend

The Noblechairs Legend gaming chair is where the company blends its existing gaming chairs (opens in new tab) into one. A little aesthetic inspiration here, a few features from there, and bam, you’ve got yourself a legend. A £450/$670 faux-leather legend. That’s the price of the white version I’ve been testing anyway, though it rises…

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The Xbox Store Currently Lists One Game for $2000

An obviously erroneous listing on the Xbox Store puts the cost of one small indie game at $2000 instead of the intended price. The Xbox Store currently lists Ball Race 2: Ramp, an indie game available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, at a price point of $2000. While pretty obviously an error,…

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You can pick up the Command & Conquer Remaster for a ridiculously low price right now

Sometimes the price is so right that you have to write an article about it. That’s the case with the Command & Conquer Remastered Collection (opens in new tab) over on Steam right now, which you can pick up for a ridiculous $2.99/£2.69 until the deal ends on January 23. Enough for Hell March (opens…

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Amusing Oblivion Mod Adds Cussing Sewer Rats

A recent mod for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion gives the game’s sewer-dwelling rodents the power of speech, except the speech is lots of swearing. There are so many ways to experience Oblivion thanks to the modding community, and a recent mod makes it so that the game’s sewer rats cuss whenever the player is…

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