Bloodborne isn’t on PC yet, but The Last Faith might be the next best thing

The Last Faith (opens in new tab) revealed its new trailer and a 2022 release window at today’s Future Games Show, and the project looks a bit like Bloodborne meets Symphony of the Night, or maybe Blasphemous but with draculas and wolfmen instead of the Catholic Church. Kumi Souls Games’ grim action-platformer promises nonlinear exploration…

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Handicapped Elden Ring Player Beats Boss Using Left Foot, Right Hand

Much like most other FromSoftware games, Elden Ring has effectively become an instant classic, and one of the highlights of the gaming industry for 2022. This, of course, means that virtually everyone has given the game a shot, which also means that a great number of disabled gamers have played it as well. One of…

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Pikmin-like indie platformer Tinykin arrives this August

The throne of Captain Olimar has long laid vacant. Whom amongst us has the courage to step up and make a game about a little guy followed by other, even littler guys, solving puzzles in a microscopic world? Indie developer Splashteam has answered the call with its Pikmin-like platformer, Tinykin launching August 30. From the…

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Street Fighter 6 Will Have Rollback Netcode and Crossplay

It’s not a particularly big surprise to see that Capcom’s recently announced Street Fighter 6 is generating plenty of excitement between genre aficionados. The game looks to be a significant step up from its predecessor, judging by the available pre-release footage, and some announced features could be real game-changers for the series, such as its…

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Here’s a ‘cozy’ city builder about self-sustenance from the publisher of Boyfriend Dungeon

Mossfield Origins is a little city builder on the way that intends to deliver bites of the genre to those who might not have time to sit down for 100-hour save files. Mossfield Origins will focus on building self-sustaining communities and exploring a narrative around your city. It seems like an interesting one, as characters…

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Perfectly-Timed Skyrim Clip Makes It Look Like the Dragonborn Dies from Eating Hot Soup

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim allows players to fully customize their game with the help of mods. While many are based on graphical enhancements and story content, some add entirely new features and other quality-of-life improvements. One fan recently showcased how speculator Skyrim looks with over 1,500 mods installed, but users can still make significant…

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’90s crime scene cleanup caper Serial Cleaners is coming in September

The gritty ’90s period piece Serial Cleaners (opens in new tab) has been on our radar for a while now, but with its new Future Games Show trailer it finally has a release date: September 22. Serial Cleaners tells the story of four former fixers for the Mafia catching up on New Years Eve, 2000…

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Rumor: Final Fantasy 7 Event Involves Square Enix and Another ‘Big Company’

A reporter claims that the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary event will involve not only Square Enix but also another company. On Friday, Square Enix announced it would be holding a special Final Fantasy 7 25th Anniversary event on June 16. Fans had been expecting a Square Enix event announcement, but a Final Fantasy…

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In 1991, Ultima went to Mars for some reason

From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett (opens in new tab) wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the dice to bring random games back into the light. This week, the Avatar gets his ass to Mars, in an engine that’s not exactly aced the test of time, but which still provides one of the most inspired…

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Pokemon Fan Makes Incredible Hisuian Poke Ball Using 3D Printer

A Pokemon fan creates an incredible Hisuian region Poke Ball replica using a 3D printer with silk red and wood filaments reflecting the two halves. Since Nintendo and Game Freak released Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon fans have celebrated the direction the spinoff title took through fan art, concept videos, and more. One Pokemon fan has…

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