More than 10 years after its creation, massive Russian Oblivion mod Citadel of Madness has been translated into English

Citadel of Madness is mod for The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion that’s over a decade old. (It was first uploaded to TESAll in 2013, and significantly updated in 2022 with a 2.0 release.) It adds a new landmass above the Shivering Isles, a floating archipelago where hundreds of new NPCs live and where you’ll find…

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D&D’s new 2024 Player’s Handbook will have 10 species to choose from including goliaths, and drow will be closer to their Baldur’s Gate 3 version

Wizards of the Coast has said the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons rules revisions will be compatible with 5th edition rather than a replacement for it, and is calling the revised core rulebooks the “2024” editions. If you’re a veteran of the edition wars, they seem more like 4th edition’s “Essentials” line than 3rd edition’s complete…

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Today’s Wordle answer for Sunday, July 21

Make Sunday’s Wordle a winner with our help. Use our tips to give yourself some new ideas, our hint for the July 21 (1128) game to guide your guesses, or go grab yourself a win with today’s answer. However you want to play, we’ve got something on this page that’ll help turn your tactics into…

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The Polish Witcher comics from the ’90s where Geralt has terrible hair are being translated into English

Dark Horse has been publishing a variety of Witcher comics, some direct adaptations of the original stories, some based on the videogame canon, one reimagining Geralt as a yokai-hunting manga hero. Right now there’s a five-issue miniseries coming out about Geralt’s retirement adventures as a vineyard magnate following The Witcher 3’s final expansion, Blood &…

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Schim review

Need to know What is it? An isometric puzzle-platformer where well-lit floors are lava.Expect to pay $22.50/£18.90Developer Ewoud van der Werf, Nils SlijkermanPublisher Extra Nice, PLAYISMReviewed on Windows 11, Ryzen 9 5900X, 32GB RAM, RTX 3080Multiplayer? NoOut NowLink Official site Back in 2007 or so there was a real trend for indie puzzle-platformers, usually about…

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TennoCon’s Warframe: 1999 demo reveals ’90s instant messenger clients, motorcycle stunts, and an Infested space mutant boy band

TennoCon is upon us once again, and the Digital Extremes fan event’s brought us an extended gameplay demo for Warframe: 1999, Warframe’s next major story update. When Warframe: 1999 was first teased last year, I’ll admit I was skeptical about how on-board I’d be for the space ninja game’s dabbling in CRT-era nostalgia. But when…

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The Gamma PS1 emulator for iOS now supports 4-player games

The Gamma PS1 emulator has gained a number of significant updates since it launched as one of the first console emulators for iPhones in May. Recent updates added a new “Enhance Audio” feature and better multiplayer support, joining other key updates over the last few weeks. Developer Benjamin Stark (aka ZodTTD) told The Verge in…

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Microsoft responds to the FTC, argues its Game Pass price hike is actually a good deal for gamers because the new cheapest tier includes multiplayer now

After the FTC submitted a filing criticizing Microsoft’s Game Pass price increases, the Xbox parent company responded with a letter of its own to the US Ninth Circuit Court, first spotted by Tom Warren of The Verge. In it, Microsoft argues that the new cheapest console Game Pass tier is actually a better deal for…

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How to make it easier to use your phone one-handed

There are going to be times when you’ve only got one hand free to use your phone. You may be walking the dog, carrying groceries, hanging on to a subway pole, or you just don’t have another hand available. But with just about every modern phone sporting a screen at least six inches corner to…

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A Baldur’s Gate 3 player has discovered hidden mini-quests you can only get by leaving the most important items in the game in an exploding building or at the bottom of the ocean

Baldur’s Gate 3 was our 2023 Game of the Year and highest-scoring review in over a decade and a half for a whole host of reasons, but its open-ended player freedom and attending reactivity to all of our potential choices is certainly up there. A year out from release, Proxy Gate Tactician on YouTube has…

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