CS:GO smashes player records as Counter-Strike 2 hype mounts

The prospect of Counter-Strike 2 (opens in new tab) has a lot of people playing CS:GO (opens in new tab), with a new all-time peak player record of 1,519,457 being set today. That’s a number reported by both SteamDB (opens in new tab) and Steamcharts (opens in new tab), and it’s wildly higher than CS:GO’s…

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Asmongold Criticizes Diablo 4 Druid Class

Asmongold criticized the druid class in Diablo 4 during one of his latest streams. He looked at videos of fellow streamers, and based on various builds and opinions, he has formed his own take as well when it comes to druid class builds in Diablo 4. Asmongold has shared his thoughts about Diablo 4 at…

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Genshin Impact Leak Shares Version 3.6 Event Details

A new leak for Genshin Impact has revealed a variety of mini-games set to be available in Version 3.6’s flagship event. The popular RPG from HoYoverse has already seen multiple details about the upcoming update revealed between leaks and official information from the developer. HoYoverse would confirm Baizhu and Kaveh as the next characters to…

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Star Trek 4’s Continuous Delays Are Getting On Chris Pine’s Nerves

Chris Pine has recently expressed a certain degree of frustration concerning the Star Trek film franchise, citing a lack of information that has also upset fans of the movies. Star Trek is a science fiction media franchise that has been at the forefront of the genre since the debut of the eponymous first series in…

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AirPods Pro with USB-C are supposedly on the way

Apple could soon launch a USB-C version of its second-gen AirPods Pro. That’s according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who believes the company could start shipping the earbuds with a USB-C case during the second and third quarters of this year. This apparently doesn’t apply to Apple’s standard AirPod models, though, as Kuo notes that…

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Quantumania: MODOK Actor Responds To Backlash From Fans Over His Ant-Man Role

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania has been making headlines for casting Corey Stoll as the villainous MODOK. This casting decision has not been without its fair share of criticism from fans of the franchise. In response, Stoll has come forward to defend his portrayal of the character and address the backlash he has been facing….

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Hugh Jackman Shows Off His Bulking Diet For Getting Wolverine-Level Jacked

Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman has taken to social media to share a peek at his bulking diet ahead of reprising his most famous role in the upcoming Deadpool 3. The actor, who also has a notable career on Broadway, is well-known for his superhuman physique when called upon. One of the most popular characters under…

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ChatGPT started a new kind of AI race — and made text boxes cool again

It’s pretty obvious that nobody saw ChatGPT coming. Not even OpenAI. Before it became by some measures the fastest growing consumer app in history, before it turned the phrase “generative pre-trained transformers” into common vernacular, before every company you can think of was racing to adopt its underlying model, ChatGPT launched in November as a…

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Dungeons And Dragons Directors Reveal The Reason They Walked Away From The Flash

Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves directors John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have revealed how their vision for the film affected their decision to take up the project instead of seeing through their prior commitment to Ezra Miller’s The Flash. Dungeons and Dragons has been the face of tabletop role-playing games for decades and…

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Hogwarts Legacy’s Professor Black Has Interesting Reaction to Half-Blood Student Getting Bullied

The Black family is one that has a long history of less-than-favorable viewpoints on any witch or wizard who isn’t pure blood, and a clip from Hogwarts Legacy show’s the school’s then headmaster, Phineas Black, shares his family’s views. Black’s views on half-bloods isn’t exclusive to his family, with many of the notorious wizards and…

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