Elden Ring director Miyazaki says he doesn’t want new players ‘to stress about difficulty’

After I played hours of Elden Ring in last year’s network test, I wrote that it was the most flexible Souls game by a longshot. Flexible doesn’t necessarily mean easy—there are still bosses in Elden Ring who will stomp you mercilessly until you learn their patterns—but you can now explore the open world looking for…

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Here’s What the Halo Theme Song Sounds Like When Played on a Classical Guitar

One musician takes it upon himself to write a version of the Halo theme for the classical guitar, and the results are stellar. In response to a YouTube comment stating that the Halo theme would sound like “trash” on a classical guitar, YouTuber Beyond The Guitar picked up his instrument and put together a soulful,…

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System Shock show to be written and directed by Mortal Kombat scriptwriter

Last year Nightdive Studios and livestreaming platform announced a System Shock series, based on the cult Looking Glass games about a rogue AI and horribly warped crew aboard a corporate space station. Now comes the news that Greg Russo, who wrote the recent Mortal Kombat movie alongside various other game adaptations, is to write…

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Silly Call of Duty: Vanguard Bug Is Turning Players Into Dead Bodies

The latest Call of Duty: Vanguard bug manages to be an equal mix between creepy and hilarious, as enemy players are becoming corpses. Based on a recent bug spotted in Call of Duty: Vanguard, it seems like living corpses are not limited to Zombies mode. One Call of Duty: Vanguard player has encountered a moving…

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Intel’s $1.2B fine for antitrust, anti-AMD practises has been overturned in Europe

After a 13 year battle, Intel has finally won out against a €1.06 billion ($1.2 billion) fine, over apparently serving anticompetitive discounts to it’s manufacturers, giving them an unfair advantage against long-time CPU rivals, AMD. Way back in 2009, practically the stone-age now, Intel was slapped with the antitrust fine by the EU. Its alleged…

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Call of Duty: Warzone Leakers Believe Rebirth Island May Be Replaced Soon

A few reputable sources claim that Call of Duty: Warzone’s Rebirth Island map will soon be getting replaced, with a new small map in the works. Not all Call of Duty: Warzone fans have been pleased with the Pacific update and the many changes it has brought to the game. As such, it will be…

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Ubisoft VP says players ‘don’t get’ NFTs, but can’t explain what there is to get

Last year Ubisoft announced its first foray into NFTs: Ubisoft Quartz was announced via a new website and an overwhelmingly disliked Youtube video, and basically amounted to selling helmets with little numbers on them in Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Nevertheless the publisher seems committed to the idea of utilising these technologies in some form, and the…

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Atari Combines NFTs with Lootboxes for its 50th Anniversary

As Atari reaches 50 years in business, its recent announcement to combine NFTs and lootboxes has resulted in a lot of negative criticism. Atari has made gaming history many times in the last half a century, and to celebrate this momentous occasion it has announced a new system that combines lootboxes with NFTs. The controversial…

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New Mortal Kombat game teased, movie sequel confirmed, and creator Ed Boon gets a gong

The next game in the Mortal Kombat series has been teased by a producer at NetherRealm, a sequel to the recent film has been confirmed, and series creator Ed Boon is to be honoured by The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences. Quite a day for fans of blood-soaked spinal ruptures and elemental ninjas. Mortal…

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God of War Fan Shares Epic Concept for Horizon Forbidden West Crossover

A God of War fan creates an impressive render for a crossover with Horizon Forbidden West showing Aloy with the Leviathan Axe. God of War is one of PlayStation’s most iconic franchises thanks in part to Kratos, the once constantly-angry, and more recently stoic series protagonist. One fan imagines if another character took the God…

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