The best Midnight Suns characters

There are 12 Midnight Suns characters, and though you can make best friends with all of them through the many hangouts and conversations that punctuate the campaign, you’ll face tougher choices putting together a three-hero kickball team that can defeat Hydra. You’ll want to use each of Midnight Suns’ heroes on at least a few…

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Elden Ring Player Unintentionally Helped By Enemy Troll

An Elden Ring player is caught off guard by a pursuing troll, only for it to unintentionally defeat the Deathbird that they had been battling. An Elden Ring player was assisted by an unlikely ally during a battle with a Deathbird. The freakish, flying raptors of Elden Ring have often posed a threat to wandering…

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The Witcher remake won’t be out until sometime after The Witcher 4, and we have no idea when that will be

CD Projekt announced in October that The Witcher, the studio’s first game, will be getting a full remake (opens in new tab). Fans eager to see how Geralt’s videogame adventures got started will have to be more patient than they likely expected, though, as the studio said in its recent financial results Q&A that the…

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Amazon Prime Free Games for December 2022 Have Been Revealed

Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can be excited as the service provider reveals a bunch of free games for the month of December. Amazon Prime Gaming has revealed its free games for December 2022, including a few classic titles. Prime Gaming subscribers can get excited as the service provider has released the list of free games…

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Surprise queue: There’s a line to play Warhammer 40K: Darktide

Yesterday I was watching my colleagues queue up (opens in new tab) for World of Warcraft’s new Dragonflight expansion with a bit of schadenfreude. Good thing I wasn’t trying to play a massively multiplayer game on launch day, I thought. Everyone knows servers can only handle so much strain, and the only way for developers…

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Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event Is Bringing Back Winter Express

As the Christmas season kicks off, Apex Legends is looking to bring it’s own Winter theme through the upcoming Wintertide Collection Event. Respawn Entertainment has officially announced its upcoming Apex Legends Wintertide Collection Event which includes the fan favorite Winter Express. The update comes as the developers behind the hit battle royale appear to be…

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Todd Howard says you’ll never run out of fuel in Starfield because it’s a ‘fun killer’

Todd Howard has given a wide-ranging interview on the Lex Fridman podcast, during which he talked a little more about Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield (opens in new tab), which following a delay (opens in new tab) is set for release early next year. I’m still just expecting this to be Skyrim in space, and I’ll play…

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Overwatch 2 Confirms Sojourn Nerfs, Doomfist Changes, and More on the Way

Overwatch 2 Season 2 will be making some important balance changes to the hero shooter, with a nerf on the way for Sojourn. Blizzard has confirmed that Overwatch 2 Season 2 will be nerfing Sojourn, making big changes to Doomfist, and addressing various other heroes on the roster. Overwatch 2 Season 2 is scheduled to…

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Two Point Campus is going into space

Two Point Cam (opens in new tab)pus is going into space next week, sort of, with the release of Space Academy (opens in new tab), the first major DLC release for the not-entirely-serious school management sim. The expansion will add three new campus locations to the game, along with six new student archetypes, six courses…

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The PS Plus Free Games for December 2022 Are Technically 5 Games Instead of 3

Sony officially confirms the list of PS Plus free games for December 2022, with the company technically giving fans five games this month. Sony has officially confirmed the PS Plus free games for December 2022, and while it is technically just three games, one of them is an entire remastered trilogy. This means that the…

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