Space Marines 2 confirms the return of PvP multiplayer, plus an all-new 3-player co-op mode

A new trailer revealed during today’s Warhammer Skulls showcase has revealed that PvP multiplayer will indeed be returning to Space Marine 2, and not only that—the game will also feature an all-new “Operations Mode” for up to three players. We already knew the Space Marine 2 will support co-op play in the campaign, but the…

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It turns out you can find Idris Elba’s Cyberpunk 2077 character hanging out and working a regular job in Night City before the expansion starts

CD Projekt Red always brings a special attention to detail in its games: I remember my shock at learning about the Witcher 3 easter egg that takes seven in-game years to find. That same sensibility definitely holds strong in Cyberpunk 2077, where you can actually find Idris Elba’s character, Solomon Reed, tucked away in Night…

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Keith David speaks his first words as Destiny 2’s Commander Zavala: ‘I used to think I’d give anything to bring him back’

The untimely death of Lance Reddick in 2023 was felt throughout the entertainment world. For Destiny 2 fans, the loss was especially acute: Reddick had provided the voice of Commander Zavala, Vanguard Commander of the Last City, since the release of the original Destiny in 2014. The character’s fate in the wake of Reddick’s passing…

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A new Shadow of the Erdtree promo image is almost 100% our first look at one of Elden Ring’s most mysterious characters

FromSoftware has finally started ramping up its Elden Ring expansion pack hype train with less than a month to go until Shadow of the Erdtree’s release. Hot on the heels of Tuesday’s pre-rendered story trailer, FromSoft has shared promo art of a new NPC, and I think we already know exactly who they are. The…

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Razer Fujin Pro review

Not every gaming chair is a gilded throne with outspoken styling. Take the Razer Fujin Pro, it’s a mesh gaming chair that wouldn’t be entirely out of place within a beige-washed corpo office. And before you think I’m bashing the Fujin Pro unfairly on its looks—I like it. I really like it. It’d be a…

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Alleged harassment and bullying at Linus Tech Tips ‘not substantiated’ and ‘false’ according to third-party investigation organised by tech channel

Linus Tech Tips has published a brief summary of a third-party investigation into allegations against the hardware review channel. The investigation—organised by the channel’s owner, Linus Media Group—found no evidence of wrongdoing at the company. Linus Tech Tips found itself embroiled in controversy in August of last year. What started as a criticism of its…

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‘Warner Bros. is threatening to destroy my YouTube Channel’ says popular modder, alleging that a sweep of copyright claims forced them to scrub 1 billion views’ worth of videos from the internet

ToastedShoes, the mastermind behind a truly unhinged YouTube channel by the same name, has alleged that Warner Bros. is “threatening to destroy” his channel by means of an overkill IP infringement notice. You might remember ToastedShoes as the guy who added Homer Simpson to Elden Ring, or the person who tempted the famously litigious Nintendo…

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 is official: ‘A dark new chapter’ will be revealed in June

I really thought Activision and Microsoft would drag it out at least until June, but nope, one day after launching a not-really-cryptic teaser site at, it’s official: Call of Duty is going back to Black Ops. Call of Duty: Black Ops 6, as it’s officially known, will—as expected—be revealed on June 9 at the…

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Watching this explosive 5-minute video of Crysis Remastered is a great reminder of how much PC gaming needs Crysis 4

Dodging gunfire, my invisibility cloak flickering, I grab the enemy soldier by the neck and, utilizing my Nanosuit’s incredible strength, I THROW HIM THROUGH THE ROOF OF A BUILDING, sending wooden beams and metal panels flying. That was cool AF, but I don’t have time to admire my handy work (get it!), as the immense…

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Destiny 2 Edge Transit god roll guide: Best perks, barrels, and magazines

Back in the Forsaken days, Edge Transit was a Destiny 2 meme—a decidedly mid grenade launcher that just would not stop dropping from engrams. Today, Bungie is having the last laugh, because Into the Light’s reissued Edge Transit is an absolute monster. Right now, it’s basically tied with Cataphract GL3 as the best heavy grenade…

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