Helldivers 2 finally adds a much-requested AFK kick timer, stopping undemocratic glory hounds from twiddling their thumbs in perpetuity

Helldivers 2 continues to slowly grease the wheels on its war against bloated servers—in the past couple of weeks, I’ve gone from having a broken matchmaking system and an inaccessible game (even on weekday evenings) to something I can reasonably play most nights. Granted, I’m in a UK time zone, so I’ve got a hefty…

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How to get Unstable Energy and Corrupt Energy in Pacific Drive

Looking for unstable energy and currupt energy in  Pacific Drive? If you haven’t found it yet, don’t worry: it’s not hiding or elusive and you don’t need to scour all the junctions in the outer zone for it. To find unstable energy, you’ll need to reach a certain point in the story where you travel…

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How to open Dumpster Pearls in Pacific Drive

Pacific Drive‘s Dumpster Pearls are curious items. You’ll start finding them pretty early on in the game: yes, sometimes you’ll find them in actual dumpsters but you may also come across them in abandoned delivery trucks or other large containers in the exclusion zone. You probably tried to open them the same way I did:…

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How to get lead platelets in Pacific Drive

Lead platelets are an important resource in Pacific Drive: it’s a key ingredient to crafting items that will shield both you and your car from radiation in the early game, and even more crucially later onl, it’s used for crafting bigger car batteries that can hold more charge. But finding lead platelets in the exclusion…

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Where to find ThermoSap Crystals in Pacific Drive

Finding ThermoSap Crystals in Pacific Drive is necessary if you want to turn your station wagon into a tank. Crafting armored doors, armored panels, and armored bumpers, plus puncture-proof tires, will greatly improve your car’s durability in the exclusion zone. If you’ve already done some driving you already know just how hazardous it is and…

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Apple issues rice advice, saying its not the way you should dry out your wet iPhone

Many people—myself included— have had to deal with the woe of a wet phone. My experience came during the Songkran festival in Thailand. If you’ve ever experienced it, it means you get wet. Very wet. Some water got into my supposedly sealed phone pouch, and yes—I actually used rice to dry it out. It turns…

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10 tips for surviving Pacific Drive’s deadly exclusion zone

Planning to hit the road in first-person driving survival game Pacific Drive? Speeding through an exclusion zone filled with deadly anomalies is a gas, but it sure isn’t easy, and your trusty station wagon will face all sorts of hazards like electrical blasts, acid sprays, radiation damage, and no small amount of explosions. Even more…

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Today’s Wordle answer for Thursday, February 22

Learn how to make the most of every guess you make in today’s Wordle with our general tips and advice. Instantly turn around a tough game with the help of a clue for Thursday’s puzzle, or if you prefer, skip straight to the best bit—the answer to the February 22 (978) Wordle is ready and…

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Shadow of the Erdtree is the only DLC planned for Elden Ring, but ‘there might be more ideas in the future,’ Miyazaki says

It may come as a disappointment to Dark Souls fans, but FromSoftware doesn’t currently have plans to release more DLC after Shadow of the Erdtree for Elden Ring. Dark Souls 2 and 3 had a trio of DLC releases before FromSoft moved onto other projects, but the developer is leaving the future of Elden Ring…

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Intel announces new 14A node at IFS Direct Connect 2024, and its aggressive ‘five nodes in four years’ roadmap remains on track

Intel held its inaugural Intel Foundry Services Direct Connect event today. It essentially marks the launch of Intel’s new manufacturing strategy, bringing all of its customer manufacturing, system design, packaging and connectivity solutions under one umbrella. During the event, Intel outlined its new process roadmap which included the announcement of its 14A node. It’s estimated…

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