CrowdStrike’s faulty update crashed 8.5 million Windows devices, says Microsoft

CrowdStrike’s faulty update caused a worldwide tech disaster that affected 8.5 million Windows devices on Friday, according to Microsoft. Microsoft says that’s “less than one percent of all Windows machines,” but it was enough to create problems for retailers, banks, airlines, and many other industries, as well as everyone who relies on them. CrowdStrike’s breakdown explains…

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Great news: Soulframe will have customizable moms

At its TennoCon 2024 fan event earlier today, Digital Extremes brought us a new look at Soulframe, its upcoming medieval fantasy “sister game” to Warframe. Like Warframe, it’s an “action-RPG, MMO-lite” free-to-play game, albeit with a slower, more deliberate pace to its melee-heavy combat compared to Warframe’s space ninja acrobatics. Oh, and you can make…

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Mr. DIMM, why do you have so many chips? Micron’s new monstrous multi-rank memory doubles DDR5 speed to 8,800 MT/s

No, Mr. Dimm isn’t the name of a Bond villain, nor is it the name of a less-than-smart school teacher in a teen comedy. MRDIMM is, in fact, an AMD- and JEDEC-backed attempt at standardising a kind of monstrously wide, fiendishly high-capacity, high-bandwidth, and somehow relatively cheap DDR5 memory. And now, Micron’s unleashed it (via…

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Overwatch 2’s new support hero Juno joins the roster in August, but you can play her for free this weekend

Juno | New Hero Gameplay Trailer | Overwatch 2 – YouTube Watch On Blizzard has officially unveiled Overwatch 2’s next support hero as Juno, a bubbly astronaut healer who will be playable in a limited-time “hero trial” that starts on July 19—that’s tomorrow—and runs until July 21 on all platforms. Juno will be accessible in…

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Overwatch has managed to snag a whopping 100 million players in 8 years and is slapping your terrible K/D ratio into a fun montage to celebrate

It’s hard to believe that Overwatch came out a whole-ass eight years ago. I was still a young and spry college student, blissfully unaware of just how little time I had left to comfortably enjoy hunching over a monitor for 10+ hours playing a Korean streamer in a giant mech.  Regardless of me being old…

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A few weeks with the Daylight DC-1 tablet: rethinking screen time

There’s a big piece of paper in the San Francisco offices of Daylight Computer, with a list written in purple ink of all the kinds of devices the company hopes to one day make. The list is long: Daylight wants to make a phone, a laptop, different kinds of tablets. Basically anything you can think…

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Do temps matter no more? Next-gen Intel desktop CPUs might run as hot as Meteor Lake laptop chips

Desktop CPUs can get pretty hot already, whether we’re talking AMD or Intel, which probably goes some way towards explaining the seemingly increasing prevalence of AIO cooling compared to air cooling. I’ve come to accept that CPUs are getting hotter, and so be it. So color me unphased by the recent rumour that next-gen Intel…

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This $1,695 smart bassinet’s best features are now behind a premium subscription

The Snoo, a very expensive but widely regarded smart bassinet, now has some of the best features of its app locked behind a new $19.99 monthly premium subscription. The change, which went into effect this week, has infuriated many Snoo owners, as the subscription puts some previously free features that new parents rely on behind…

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33,700,000 motherboards expected to ship in 2024, signaling the end of the PC market’s dry spell

2019 feels like forever ago now, thanks to a barrage of world-changing events bludgeoning us around the proverbial heads year after year. This played out in the PC and broader tech industry to the tune of chip shortages and a general industry slowdown. Now, judging from some industry reports about motherboard shipments, it looks like…

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AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D review

If you have an AMD AM4 machine, there’s pretty much only one CPU that’s worth considering if you want the best for gaming—the Ryzen 7 5800X3D. Except when AMD launched the Ryzen 7 5700X3D back in January of this year, you were suddenly given a tricky choice: do you go all out and get the…

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