YouTube is canceling Premium subscriptions bought using spoofed locations

If you used a virtual private network (VPN) to purchase a YouTube Premium in a country where it’s cheaper, your subscription might be on the chopping block. Over the past few days, several people who’ve used this trick reported having their subscriptions automatically canceled, as reported earlier by Android Police. The workaround involves using a…

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Embracer embraces a ‘human-centric’ AI policy, says vague stuff about how it will ‘massively enhance game development’

Struggling videogame conglomerate Embracer Group appears to be embracing the rise of artificial intelligence: In its latest annual report, the company laid out a strategy for incorporating AI in its future work, saying that the tech “has the capability to massively enhance game development by increasing resource efficiency” and “adding intelligent behaviors, personalization, and optimization…

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New York bans “addictive feeds” for teens

New York Governor Kathy Hochul (D) signed two bills into law on Thursday that aim to protect kids and teens from social media harms, making it the latest state to take action as federal proposals still await votes. One of the bills, the Stop Addictive Feeds Exploitation (SAFE) for Kids Act, will require parental consent…

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The original Counter-Strike mod is 25 years old, Valve calls it ‘the greatest videogame ever made’

The official Counter-Strike account has posted to celebrate 25 years since the release of the mod that changed the competitive FPS forever.  “Happy 25th birthday to the greatest videogame ever made, Counter-Strike,” says the contemporary Counter-Strike 2 team. “A Half-Life mod which has spawned communities, created memories, and established the greatest esport of them all….

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Embracer Group believes AI will “empower” developers

AI has the capability to massively enhance game development by increasing resource efficiency, adding intelligent behaviors, personalization, and optimization to gameplay experiences. By leveraging AI, we create more engaging and immersive experiences that provide each player with a unique, dynamic, and personalized experience. We also see great opportunities for AI in game development speed, logistics and planning….

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Elden Ring’s big patch is causing big problems for Steam Deck players

The big Elden Ring patch that dropped today ahead of the Shadow of the Erdtree launch does a lot of good things—you can finally change the map key!—but it’s causing some headaches for Steam Deck users. “A Steam Deck related issue has been identified and a hotfix is being worked on,” FromSoft said. “Leaving your…

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Watch the trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition — coming June 25th

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was Ubisoft’s breakout hit of 2003, but the company’s cult classic Beyond Good & Evil, released just two weeks later, will beat it to an upgraded rerelease. Ubisoft has released a trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition that confirms it’ll arrive next Tuesday, June 25th…

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Elden Ring’s pre-Erdtree patch makes a big, surprise quality-of-life change: You can finally summon Torrent for the final fight against the big boss

Elden Ring’s big pre-Shadow of the Erdtree update is now live, and one of the biggest changes is one that wasn’t previously teased: Yes, it’s true, you can now summon Torrent for the final fight against the Elden Beast. Torrent enables significantly increased mobility during combat—horses, even weird magic ones, are a lot faster than…

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Have we been overthinking EV sounds?

For years, automakers have been fussing over the sounds emitted by their electric vehicles, trying to tune them in a way that both presents as futuristic while also not alienating to people who are used to the rev of a four-cylinder engine. They seem to have settled on a series of sounds that could best…

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Dune: Awakening is threatening to turn me into a survival MMO guy after a lifetime as a devoted videogame hermit

Here is the precise point in my hands-off Summer Game Fest Dune: Awakening demo that I whispered a soft “Oh no” to myself. It was when our demo-er, in a spice-fueled fit of pique, butted up against the wall of a Harkonnen stronghold and immediately began climbing it, Breath-of-the-Wild-style (or Funcom-style, really, you could do…

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