Bruce Willis sells his likeness to a firm so his ‘digital twin’ can star in movies and commercials

Retired action movie star Bruce Willis has become the first Hollywood actor to sell his image and likeness rights to a firm that creates movies and commercials using AI-powered deepfake technology. DeepCake (opens in new tab) says that they hired the “digital twin” of the Die Hard actor so his digital likeness and voice can…

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Skyrim Player Gets Stuck in Fireplace After Enemy Attack

An unlucky Skyrim player takes a tumble into a fireplace after being shouted at by a Draugr Deathlord and then is unable to get out. Many Skyrim players are well aware of the game’s intense physics engine and how it can cause interesting reactions and can sometimes cause their characters to get into some unfortunate…

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Sonic Frontiers feels like an incoherent mess, and a boring one at that

I’m bouncing through a cyberspace portal, one of Sonic Frontiers’ mini stages. Sonic’s erratic movement has caused me to slip off a rotating platform one time too many and I’m growing tired. Finally, the end. The only thing between me and the goal is a simple jump panel. I go at it, full speed… and…

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Amouranth Accuses Twitter of Censorship

Twitch streamer Kaitlyn Siragusa is blasting Twitter for what she thinks constitutes censorship, even if the social media site isn’t blocking content. Twitch streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is railing against practices by Twitter that she believes are basically censorship by hiding content it deems inappropriate. The incredibly popular Twitch content producer believes that even if…

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Brewing beer you can’t drink is a special form of simulator self-torture

It must be really hard to think up an original simulator. It seems that almost every job that involves some form of physical work is now painstakingly reconstructed on PC. From farming to driving trucks and beyond—I’ve even seen a Food Truck simulator about. But Brewmaster brings the simulation magic to beer brewing, and it’s…

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Incredible Overwatch Clip Shows Genji Deflecting Ana’s Grenade from Across the Map

During a recent game of Overwatch, one Genji player managed to deflect Ana’s Biotic Grenade from an incredibly long distance away. With the launch of Overwatch 2 just around the corner, many gamers are still playing online matches in the original Overwatch before it goes offline. In addition, some of these gamers have been sharing…

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The top 100 PC games

Once a year, the global PC Gamer team gathers. The topic: What are the best 100 PC games that you can play today? Ahead of the discussion, the team suggests additions, changes and removals. We then gather over the following hours and days to painstakingly discuss every suggestion. To an outside observer, it might have…

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Japanese Governor Wants to Use PewDiePie’s Dog to Promote Tourism

Gaming YouTuber PewDiePie’s dogs were recently invited for a visit by the governor of Gunma Prefecture in Japan to promote tourism in the area. Popular gaming YouTuber PewDiePie shared the news in a video that his dogs, along with he and his wife Marzia, were invited by the governor of Gunma Prefecture in Japan to…

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Today’s Wordle 469 answer and hint: Saturday, October 1

You’ll find all the tips, hints, and clues you need to solve today’s Wordle on this very page, and if you’d like to go the extra mile and really protect your win streak you can also read the answer to the October 1 (469) puzzle here too. Today’s puzzle offered up plenty of greens, but…

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Nostalgic Grand Theft Auto Online Video Shows Old Gate Glitch

Game glitches usually aren’t something to celebrate, but GTA Online players are feeling nostalgic for the game’s iconic gate glitch after someone shared a video of it. While it was a GTA Online bug, a lot of players had fun trying to get this gate to glitch in the early days of the game, but…

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