Motorola’s new $130 earbuds are a Bose collab

A new wooden Edge phone isn’t all that Motorola announced today. The company also introduced two pairs of earbuds: the higher-end set is called the Moto Buds Plus and costs $129.99, while the more basic Moto Buds will only be available in select markets. But the Plus standout as the more interesting product, and that’s…

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A new NES emulator was briefly available on the Apple App Store

Now, clicking on a link to Bimmy shows “This app is currently not available in your country or region.” This time, it wasn’t Apple that removed it but the developer. Over on MacRumors’ forums, the developer said it pulled the app “out of fear.” “No one pressured me to, but I got more nervous about…

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The Boring Phone is a nostalgic branding exercise by HMD and Heineken

HMD really wants us to have more fun. Earlier this year, it announced a collaboration with Mattel on an upcoming Barbie flip phone. Now, it’s teaming up with Heineken and creative firm Bodega on another effort designed to tap into nostalgia: the Boring Phone. There are more details on Heineken’s site — which you’ll need…

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Drake muddies the “Push Ups” AI debate with a deepfake

Over the weekend, a new track “leaked,” and fans have been debating whether it’s really from Drake or if it’s the return of AI Drake. The song is a diss track called “Push Ups” that targets Kendrick Lamar and Metro Boomin, among others. At one point, it tells Metro Boomin to “shut your ho ass…

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Boston Dynamics Atlas robot, 2013-2024

Is Boston Dynamics slowly preparing to put its bipedal robots to work? In a glossy new video, the company has shown off its prototype Atlas robot tossing planks and tool bags around in a fake construction site. In a second, behind-the-scenes video, Boston Dynamics’ team lead on Atlas, Scott Kuindersma, explained that the video is…

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Report: TikTok’s efforts to silo US data are ‘largely cosmetic’

Since 2022, TikTok has undertaken a massive, expensive effort to silo off its US operations — and American users’ data — from its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. TikTok has described the corporate restructuring, which it dubbed Project Texas, as “an unprecedented initiative dedicated to making every American on TikTok feel safe, with confidence that their…

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People are afraid of self-driving cars — can the industry change that?

Forget the fact that most autonomous vehicles operate each day safely, anonymously, and without fanfare. There are hundreds in operation today in California, Arizona, Texas, and elsewhere, and the numbers are only going to increase. But when they do make mistakes, people tend to notice. Numerous public opinion polls have shown declining support for autonomous…

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Kickstarter is adding the ability to collect money indefinitely

Creators fundraising for projects on Kickstarter will soon be able to collect money even after their campaign ends. Currently, Kickstarter projects can last anywhere from one to 60 days, and creators hoping to continue fundraising after meeting their goal have had to go off-platform to keep raising money. The new late pledge feature will allow…

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Amazon Music’s Maestro lets listeners make AI playlists

Amazon Music may soon let you create playlists with a text prompt using Maestro, its new AI playlist maker.   Maestro, which is currently available in beta to a small number of Amazon Music subscribers in the US, will let users put together playlists using any prompt, including emojis, Amazon said in a blog post. According…

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Truth Social says it’s building a live TV service

Truth Social, the media firm owned by Donald Trump, has announced plans to create a live TV streaming service focused on “news networks” and “religious channels,” along with “content that has been canceled, is at risk of cancellation, or is being suppressed.” The Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) says it will launch the streaming…

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