Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes a Fuzzy Tom Nook Figure

Home Gaming News Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fan Makes a Fuzzy Tom Nook Figure An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player Photoshops a Tom Nook figure in order to give it a fuzzy texture that helps add a little realism. An Animal Crossing: New Horizons fan digitally altered a Tom Nook figure to give it a…

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Samsung will unveil two “premium” mobile devices at Unpacked, says TM Roh

For Samsung, Ultra means big. Ultra means bold. Ultra means the best of the best in performance. To take everyday experiences further, we redefine the essentials. The upcoming Galaxy is all about camera, performance and sustainability. That’s why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter. Our performance is getting more powerful. And our connectivity is…

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The Last of Us was HBO’s second most popular series premiere in over 10 years

HBO’s new show based on PlayStation fungal-zombie game The Last of Us (which is coming to PC soon) has had a healthy start. According to HBO, Sunday night’s premiere attracted 4.7 million viewers, both on TV and streaming on HBO Max. That makes The Last of Us the second most-viewed HBO series debut since Boardwalk…

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LEGO Master Builder Creates Fridge With Working Ice Dispenser

Home Gaming News LEGO Master Builder Creates Fridge With Working Ice Dispenser A LEGO Master Builder shows off an impressive design and build they made of a refrigerator with an ice dispenser that actually works. A LEGO Master Builder has recently shown off the impressive microscale model of a refrigerator with a working ice dispenser…

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Apple reportedly shelved its plans to release AR glasses any time soon

Another Apple rumor from Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman focuses on the company’s efforts to create game-changing augmented reality glasses that could make picking up your iPhone obsolete — if they’re ever built. The race to develop consumer-friendly AR glasses is in full swing, despite notable misfires like Google’s abandoned Glass project and Microsoft’s now enterprise-…

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The Sims 4 is getting DLC undies and messy bathrooms in two new kits

The Sims 4 is getting two new kits (the smallest and cheapest tier of DLC it offers nowadays) this week: some lacey and be-printed underwear and a collection of items for making your Sims’ bathroom vanities as cluttered as your own. Both will be available for purchase (presumably for $4.99 like other kits) this Thursday,…

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Far Cry 5 Player Builds Blockbuster Store In the Game

A Far Cry 5 fan faithfully recreates a Blockbuster store in-game using the title’s level editor that includes boxes of movies and snacks. A Far Cry 5 player managed to build a Blockbuster in-game. A good number of titles have allowed gamers to build their own creations using a plethora of different tools that are…

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Firefox found a way to keep ad-blockers working with Manifest V3

A manifest tells the browser all sorts of information about an extension, from what its name and version number are, to what permissions it’ll use, and what versions of a browser it’ll run on. New versions of the Manifest file format used by the browsers change what features extensions have access to, and can mandate…

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I made a terrible fantasy series called Ring of Thrones in this TV studio strategy game

The rise of prestige TV has elevated not just the medium of television but the status of the people who create it. These days we commonly read headlines about “showrunners,” producers and directors we maybe wouldn’t have given much thought to years ago but who now can wind up receiving as much attention as the…

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Toedscruel Ability Seriously Hurts Its Effectiveness in Battle

Home Gaming News Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Toedscruel Ability Seriously Hurts Its Effectiveness in Battle The new Ground/Grass-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Toedscruel, gets nerfed by the addition of its ability. The new Ground/Grass-type version of Tentacruel from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Toedscruel, is the fastest Spore user ever, but its ability…

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