Xbox Player Receives Identical Rage Quit Messages From the Same Opponent Nearly 3 Years Later


  • An Xbox player received identical rage quit messages from the same person almost 3 years apart, showcasing a persistent example of negativity in online gaming.
  • The specific game that triggered the messages is unknown, with speculations pointing to Star Wars Battlefront 2 or Rainbow Six Siege.
  • The incident highlights the ongoing issue of video game frustration and the need for continued monitoring and regulation to address negative player interactions.

An Xbox player has encountered an interesting online incident in which they’ve received identical rage quit messages from another player almost three years apart. While the messages are brief, the conversation is a one-sided confrontation, as the Xbox player reporting the experience doesn’t seem to respond to the messages.

Rage quitting in the gaming industry is executed in many forms and for many different reasons. From controllers being tossed across the room to players leaving in the middle of matches, there’s no shortage of negative responses to video games. While hardware breakage and team abandonment are among the well-known types of rage quitting, exchanging messages between players is a primary method to interact with other players. This happens to be the case with an Xbox player who seems to run into a familiar online adversary.

To their surprise, a Reddit user opened a message from their Xbox account to find that a disgruntled player had disapproved of their gameplay. Initially receiving the messages “Cheating f” and “Spawn camping b****” on January 12, 2021, they found the same former message to appear in their inbox less than three years later on October 22, 2023, the date of which they shared the messages on Reddit. The cheating accusations come from player A4H Po8to, who delivers on the same “Cheating f” line three times. Despite the repetitive nature of the messages, the Reddit user has left them as requests, away from their main chat inbox.

It’s unclear as to what rage-inducing game would warrant these messages. Many assumptions can be made here, though one Reddit user hinted that it’s the “menace” from Star Wars Battlefront 2. A response from the original poster then asks if the rage quitter is a known player, but this doesn’t confirm what kind of game helped originate the messages.

One other user speculates that the interaction comes from Rainbow Six Siege gameplay. Regardless, the chances of receiving identical communication such as the one in question is a rare occasion. Xbox Live interactions have definitely evolved throughout the years since the early days of the original Xbox, but the attitude certainly has not.

While many other comments aligned more on the humorous side, it’s important to note how extensive video game frustration can become. Popular streamer xQc is known for his continuous rage-filled moments, for example. Because of this, the online atmosphere will continue to be monitored and shared, so long as players proceed to act in negative ways. Online regulations and policies can shift over time, with the aim to lessen interactions such as the one with the original poster and their Xbox activity.

Source: Gamerant

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