Xbox Game Pass Picks Up Indie RPG Weird West as a Day One Release

Publisher Devolver Digital confirms that Wolfeye Studios’ debut action RPG Weird West is now a Day One release on Xbox Game Pass.

The past week has been incredible for Xbox Game Pass. Not only did Halo Infinite‘s single-player campaign launch, but multiple Day One launches have been confirmed. Four games alone were confirmed during The Game Awards 2021, but Xbox Game Pass wasn’t done for the week. Announced on Twitter from publisher Devolver Digital, the strange RPG Weird West is officially coming to Xbox One Game Pass on Day One for both PC and Xbox consoles.

Despite the news being particularly exciting for Xbox Game Pass subscribers, the announcement is surprisingly understated. Devolver Digital dropped the news on its official Twitter account. There’s no fanfare involved, as the tweet simply reads that Weird West will be supported on both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass when it launches on January 11. So far the announcement hasn’t even been shared via the official Xbox Game Pass Twitter accounts.


The announcement did have one exciting facet, however. It features an attached new trailer for Weird West showing off around two minutes of gameplay for the RPG. For those unfamiliar with Weird West, it’s a great look at combat in the game. In many ways, Weird West‘s combat plays out like an isometric action game. Players are able to sneak around, use silent melee attacks, or go loud and brutally attack any enemies that present themselves.

Weird West‘s new trailer also shows a variety of abilities coinciding with the magical powers and strengths of the party members players will encounter. For example, a transformation into a demon-like dog is shown, as is a bipedal pig-headed party member that had a bullrush ability and seemed impervious to fire There’s also an occult character that teleports and creates illusions of itself. One other example ability is a summoned tornado that picked up the player and their enemies and then spun them across the map.

Wolfeye Studios is the developer of Weird West, and the experience of the team shine through. Wolfeye was founded by Raphael Colantonio and Julien Roby, the former creative director and executive producer at Arkane Studios. They’ve previously worked on Dishonored and Prey, and will bring that experience with deep gameplay to Weird West – even if it’s with an isometric camera angle instead of first-person.

Just because Weird West is coming to Xbox Game Pass as a Day One release doesn’t mean that it won’t still be coming to other platforms, however. It will still launch on PlayStation 4 as previously revealed, as well as on PC via other storefronts for those who would prefer to own the game. Expect more information closer to the game’s launch.

Weird West releases January 11 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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