World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 Unveils Challenging New Affixes

Mythic Keystone dungeons are getting an overhaul in Season 2 of Dragonflight, and one of the major changes involves the introduction of new affixes to the weekly rotation in World of Warcraft. Affixes have always been a hotly debated aspect of the Mythic dungeon experience, as many players find certain affixes to detract from their fun when doing Keystones instead of providing a challenge. Dragonflight Mythic Season 2 is removing seasonal affixes in an attempt to address the shortcomings of the system, but much like the developers promised in the initial interviews for Embers of Neltharion, the overhaul will be far more substantial.


Patch 10.1 of Dragonflight introduces a new zone for the players to explore, and those preparing for Mythic Keystones in Season 2 will be able to make use of the new gearing system in Zaralek Cavern to get their alts up to speed. With the loss of seasonal affixes, and the removal of a few affixes such as Volcanic, Grievous, and Quaking, the developers have made room for new ones to fill the void.

Based on information gleamed from the newest World of Warcraft build from the PTR, Wowhead has discovered what Blizzard has in mind to replace the lost affixes. The newcomers are: Incorporeal, Afflicted, and Entangling. Incorporeal is an affix that spawns spectral figures near players in an attempt to destabilize the group. They can cast a debuff on the party that decreases their damage and healing done by 50%, but the specters themselves are otherwise susceptible to all forms of crowd control. On the other hand, the Afflicted affix causes spirits to appear near the group in need of aid. Failure to heal or cleanse the spirits from Poison, Curse, or Disease afflictions within 10 seconds will punish the players with a 100% haste reduction debuff.

Lastly, the Entangling affix is rather straightforward: in combat, players can get entangled by a snaring vine, reducing their movement speed by 50% for 8 seconds and stunning them for 3 seconds if they fail to snap the vine by moving 10 yards away. The Explosive Mythic affix in World of Warcraft is also getting a rework, as fewer Explosive Orbs spawn with a significantly greater health pool in Dragonflight Mythic Season 2. However, all of this could be subject to change.

Players haven’t exactly been thrilled with the new affixes, and Blizzard has called for feedback to ascertain the best direction for Keystones moving forward. The World of Warcraft community strongly believes that the best affixes have always been those that offered boons for solving them, such as Prideful from Shadowlands Season 1, as opposed to punishing players for not dealing with an annoying mechanic. Though there is no consensus on a one-size-fits-all solution for affixes in World of Warcraft thus far, Blizzard’s perpetual efforts in making affixes feel right implies that maybe the solution lies in more radical changes to the format.

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight is available now for PC.

Source: Wowhead

Source: Gamerant

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