Twitch Streamer Mizkif’s Car Gets Hit in Parking Lot and Sustains About $100,000 Worth of Damages

Popular streamer Mizkif’s luxury car is wrecked in an expensive accident during a stream, forcing him to take a short break.

Popular Twitch Streamer Mizkif has been involved in a car accident, forcing him to take a short break from streaming. He was not physically harmed from the accident but is now facing a huge bill for his vehicle, an Audi R8, which is extensively damaged.

Mizkif, a gaming streamer and YouTuber who co-founded One True King, was away from his vehicle when the accident took place. The dramatic events unfolded during a recent livestream in which members of One True King were enjoying a night at an arcade with Emiru, the latest member of the media company. During the evening, Mizkif appeared flustered as he learned of a car crash outside of the arcade.


Mizkif was then approached by venue security, who informed him that an orange truck had crashed into his Audi R8. The driver was with several others as part of a truck meetup taking place in the carpark, according to Mizkif, who was not aware of this when he parked the vehicle. Mizkif is now facing a $100k bill for the damage to his car, which he claims is suffering from handling issues following the car crash. In a follow-up video, Mizkif also shared images of damage to the bodywork, including a large hole in the side of the car.

In an update posted to Twitter, Mizkif announced he was taking a one-day break to acquire a replacement vehicle and handle his insurance. Despite the drama, he expressed sympathy for the driver, who was surely distressed after hitting the $250k luxury vehicle. According to Mizkif, the middle-aged driver did not stay with the car, but was waiting nearby. Mizkif also shot down suggestions that the driver was a viewer who sabotaged his car on purpose, believing that the age of the driver makes this theory unlikely.

This is not the first time a Twitch streamer has been impacted by a motor vehicle accident during a stream. In September, IRL streamer Kidi crashed his moped while exploring Italy. In March, streamer ArturasGrizas crashed his car into a barrier while exiting a parking lot. While accidents do happen, Twitch streamers have been called out for not paying attention to the road while driving and streaming. In some cases, Twitch has stepped in and banned accounts for reckless driving. In the case of Mizkif, who was not driving at the time, this accident appears to be a simple case of bad luck.

Source: Mizkif/Twitter

Source: Gamerant

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