This Artisanal Psyduck Pokemon Teapot Costs Over 100 Dollars

An artesian teapot from a Japanese company in the shape of the Pokemon Psyduck pours tea from its beak and costs over 100 dollars.

Novelty items featuring Pokemon are generally not hard to find, with the franchise being one of the most popular in gaming history. Now, Japanese company Ensky is accepting pre-orders for a teapot in the shape of the Pokemon Psyduck for a steep price of over 100 dollars.

Psyduck is a duck Pokemon introduced in the first generation set in the Kanto Region. Its appearance has the resemblance to both a duck and a bipedal platypus, and it has been present in both the anime and the games very prominently. Ensky is a Japanese company that has collaborated with Pokemon before to release a wrist rest resembling the Pokemon Yamper, with pre-orders ending in January 2022 and a release window of April 2022 set.


On March 4th, 2022, Ensky opened pre-orders for a teapot in the shape of Psyduck that will also ship in late April. The teapot is basically a Psyduck with a handle in its back and no arms or legs. Its head acts at the top, there is a steeper inside the pot, and the spout out of which the tea will pour is just under the Pokemon’s mouth, making it look like the tea is coming from Psyduck’s beak. All of these adorable teapots are handmade by an artisan using minoyaki ceramics that can be found in the Gifu prefecture of Japan. The price of the teapot is 13,200 JPY, converting to about $114.15.

tea-psyduck-cover (1)

Pokemon has done many collaborations with many different companies to produce merchandise. An example could be seen back in 2020 when Build-a-Bear added Psyduck and Snubble around the hype of the Pokemon Detective Pikachu film release. This teapot is just another to add to the list and is one of many premium items available for fans to buy.

The price might feel a bit steep since the pot only holds enough tea for two people, but with the specific materials used and the fact that it is handmade, fans get what they pay for, especially since it comes with its own steeper for tea. The loyal fans of the Pokemon franchise are likely used to this kind of pricing for premium merchandise, and it’s a very well-made teapot based on the pictures and creative design.

The collaboration to produce this teapot is indeed very exclusive and doesn’t cater to the full fanbase. There could be some fans who would have wanted a different collaboration or even a cheaper alternative that’s mass-produced. Regardless, there are many amazing Pokemon fan creations out there on the internet, and they aren’t going anywhere as long as the Pokemon franchise remains as popular as it always has been.

Source: Siliconera

Source: Gamerant

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