Supermassive Games is Hiring For an Online Multiplayer Game with Combat and RPG Elements

The House of Ashes and Little Hope developer is hiring for a new unannounced game but it’s not clear what Supermassive has up its sleeve.

It appears that Supermassive Games is ready to get started on its next project. The company recently posted a job listing for its next unannounced game and Supermassive Games is shedding a bit of light on what that project will entail.

These days, Supermassive is best known for its Dark Pictures anthology with “Lovecraftian Horror meets Indiana Jones” title House of Ashes being the latest in that particular series to drop. With three games in that series done and another on the way, it’s not entirely clear if the unannounced project the company is hiring for is going to be the fifth installment with a bit of a twist, or whether this could be an entirely new IP.


The job listing on the company’s official website makes it clear that whoever is hired for the new position will be working on a multiplayer title. Because it’s a new game that hasn’t been announced, the only title that has been officially ruled out is the upcoming The Devil in Me. Beyond that, it might seem as though a multiplayer game would go outside of the Dark Pictures anthology, but the fact of the matter is that these games do have multiplayer functions. Whether talking about the couch co-op versions or the online two-player features that allow players to experience the game through different POVs, there’s a chance Supermassive could be working on another game like House of Ashes.

Cover of The Dark Pictures: The Devil in Me

On the other hand, the job advertisement goes on to talk about combat systems and progression that sounds as if the firm is working on an RPG. Neither of those features sounds a great deal like the latest games the company has worked on.

It’s also worth pointing out that while Supermassive might be best known for Dark Pictures Anthology these days, that isn’t the only kind of game the company has worked on in the recent past. The studio also put together the enhanced edition of Little Nightmares 2 which certainly offers a very different gameplay style than House of Ashes, Little Hope, or Man of Medan.

There’s also something to be said for how the Dark Pictures Anthology hasn’t had the same kind of success as its predecessor, Until Dawn. It’s possible this job listing is signaling that Supermassive Games is getting ready to move away from that model and into more traditional multiplayer combat games. For now, just what the upcoming project could be is still very much up in the air, but the job listing does hint that an announcement could be coming relatively soon.

Source: Gamerant

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