Study Reveals Most Popular Twitch Streamers in Each State

What was once a niche hobby has exploded into the mainstream, with live-streaming becoming increasingly popular all around the world. Twitch streamers have risen to stardom with the live-streaming platform, becoming recognized celebrities in their own right. Of course, some Twitch streamers are more popular than others, and so a new study has attempted to determine the most popular Twitch streamers by state.

The research by CasinoGrounds analyzed Google Trends data for the past year to determine the most popular Twitch streamers in every state. It determined that Pokimane was the most popular in the most states, with 11, while Amouranth came in second place with 10 states. However, there are some flaws with the study. Google searches don’t necessarily equate to popularity, and it seems like a better way to measure this would be going by number of Twitch followers, views, etc. Not only that, but the study found Dr Disrespect to be the most popular Twitch streamer in Vermont and Wyoming despite the fact that he was banned on the platform years ago and is technically a YouTube streamer instead.


Regardless, the results are still interesting, and they do a good job of reflecting how Twitch has changed over the years. Pokimane and Amouranth are currently two of the most popular Twitch streamers on the platform, so it makes sense that they are the two most-searched in 21 of the 50 states, though some may be surprised to see Ninja come in fourth place with four states. Ninja was once the world’s top Twitch streamer, and while he’s still incredibly popular, his Twitch viewership is not quite as high as it was at its peak.

  • Pokimane – 11 states
  • Amouranth – 10 states
  • Asmongold – 5 states
  • Ninja – 4 states
  • Dream – 3 states
  • Mizkif – 3 states
  • Ranboo – 2 states
  • Cr1TiKal – 2 states
  • Hasan Piker – 2 states
  • Dr Disrespect – 2 states
  • Tyler1 – 1 state
  • xQc – 1 state
  • Hikaru Nakamura – 1 state
  • TommyInnit – 1 state
  • Fuslie – 1 state
  • Disguised Toast – 1 state

It’s possible this is a combination of Ninja’s signature game Fortnite no longer being the most popular game on Twitch and the fact that Ninja once left the platform for Mixer. At one point, Microsoft was attempting to compete with Twitch with its Mixer streaming platform, and part of its strategy was signing big streamers to exclusively contracts. Despite these efforts, Mixer was never a viable competitor for Twitch, and the platform was later shut down.

Another big Twitch streamer that jumped ship to Mixer was Shroud, and he’s surprisingly not on the list at all. The rest of the list consists of Asmongold in third place with five states, Dream and Mizkif with three states, Ranboo, Cr1TiKal, Hasan Piker, and the aforementioned Dr Disrespect with two states, and finally, Tyler1, xQc, Hikaru Nakamura, TommyInnit, Fuslie, and Disguised Toast all with one state.

Source: CasinoGrounds

Source: Gamerant

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