Steam Deck Coming to More Countries Later This Year

Valve announces that it is stepping up production of Steam Decks and plans to bring the handheld to additional countries before the end of the year.

Valve launched its Steam Deck on February 25th. Despite some shortcomings, such as the limited battery life, the hybrid console has generally seen positive reviews. Some observers even wonder if it might be a potential rival to the Nintendo Switch.

So far, however, the consoles are only available in extremely limited numbers, with many customers still waiting for news about their pre-orders. This includes anyone outside the United States, Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom. However, Valve has confirmed its intent to bring the Steam Deck to other countries in the very near future.


Valve addressed the limited availability in a short statement Monday afternoon. The company discussed how it’s working hard to increase the limited supply of Steam Decks. This included confirmation that Valve is “looking into” the possibility of releasing the Steam Deck in additional regions before the end of this year. While Valve did not provide its list of candidate countries, the statement mentioned Japan as a likely contender. The post notes that international fans have to wait longer before any official confirmation. Still, Valve’s statement indicated that the company will give future updates between now and then.

The mention of Japan is interesting, as it indicates that it may be the most likely country for a Steam Deck release. Japan has no shortage of PC gamers, as evidenced by the popularity of games like League of Legends and Overwatch in the country. However, the Steam platform has only seen moderate success there. Thus, Valve might hope the Steam Deck will strengthen the company’s foothold in Japanese markets.

Valve’s post also had some good news for Steam Deck customers in the countries where the rollout is already underway. The company stated that it is working to increase steam deck production and now has a better timetable for how long the rollout will take. As a result, customers in the Quarter 3 section of the waitlist can now view their reservation status by visiting the Steam Deck product page while logged in with the Steam account. Previously, only Q1 and Q2 reservation holders had access to this feature.

The Steam Deck has seen generally favorable reviews, with Kotaku noting that it offers hardcore gamers an alternative to the more casual-friendly Nintendo Switch. Other observers are excited for the platform’s potential due in part to the Steam Deck’s substantial library of compatible games. Still, it might not be fair to call it a success until after Valve completes the platform’s lengthy rollout.

The Steam Deck is available now for reservation holders.

Source: Valve

Source: Gamerant

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