Starfield Player Gets Unfortunate Surprise After Using Last Digipick on Expert Weapon Case


  • One player is disappointed after using up their Digipicks to open a difficult weapon case in Starfield only to find it completely empty.
  • Some players have expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of rewards obtained from expert or master-level locks in the game.
  • It is unclear if the empty weapon case is a bug or a deliberate prank by the developers, but players hope it will be patched soon.

A Starfield player makes a disappointing discovery after spending all their Digipicks to open a difficult weapon case, finding nothing inside. Bethesda’s latest RPG Starfield has been out for almost a month and has already surpassed over 10 million players, many of whom have poured dozens of hours into exploring the Settled Systems and building interesting spaceships or settlements.

Every Bethesda Game Studios game must have a lockpicking puzzle mechanic, and the Digipick system is Starfield’s futuristic sci-fi version of that. Like picking locks and hacking terminals in The Elder Scrolls or Fallout, each lock in Starfield is given a different tier from novice to master, which is the toughest. Players are required to successfully slot several Digipicks into each of the lock’s rings to pass the puzzle. Novice and advanced locks have two rings, expert locks have three, and master locks require players to fill in four rings. Leveling up the Security skill gives players access to harder locks.

One Starfield player, Andre_BR1 on Reddit, has gone through the trouble of unlocking a large expert weapon case, using their last Digipick on hand in the process, only to find nothing in the case. The image they posted to Reddit shows the empty weapon case sitting in a room among other ammo crates and first aid boxes. Many weapon cases in Starfield also contain a small stack of ammo, but the one Andre_BR1 opened was completely void of any prizes.

It’s unclear if this is a bug or perhaps a cheeky troll by a Bethesda Game Studios developer. The disappointment would’ve been even more crushing had it been a full-on master lock with nothing inside. Regardless of the reason why this particular weapon case was empty, some players under the Reddit post expressed dissatisfaction at the low quality of rewards they’ve received from expert or master-level locks in Starfield. Surely passing such challenging puzzles should yield substantial gear, weapons, and credits, but it seems some players find better loot locked behind novice or advanced locks instead. One commenter reminded players that crates and cases with red lights are empty, even if they haven’t been opened or unlocked yet.

If Andre_BR1’s discovery of this empty expert weapon case is indeed a bug instead of a silly trick by the devs, Bethesda should hopefully patch it up soon, as Starfield has launched with an uncharacteristically minimal amount of bugs for such a massive Bethesda RPG. It will be interesting to see if Bethesda also looks into potentially buffing the caliber of rewards earned from successful lockpick attempts, especially at the expert or master levels. Such fixes or buffs could come as part of the next big Starfield patch, of which the game hasn’t been needing many.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Gamerant

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