Starfield Player Creates Ship Inspired by Cazadores from Fallout: New Vegas


  • Starfield players are building custom space vessels inspired by their favorite franchises, such as Fallout.
  • One Starfield player has used the ship builder in Starfield to create an impressive vessel based on the Cazadores from Fallout: New Vegas.
  • Ship modules in Starfield can be obtained by plundering enemy ships or buying them, and they play a key role in improving the stats and design of the space vessels.

One Starfield player has built a space vessel inspired by Cazadores from Fallout: New Vegas. Over the last month, the Starfield community has put together a number of classic ships that have their own structural designs. These custom vehicles have caught the attention of many gamers, and players will likely keep this trend alive for as long as possible by building space vessels from their favorite franchises.

Starfield is a game of numerous possibilities, which lets players do whatever they want in a massive universe. They can be a space pirate, personalize their ships with modules, build outposts, or visit different star systems to take quests and find valuable resources. Some players spend most of their time in Starfield‘s ship builder, which helps them create space vessels from their imagination. Thanks to this incredible tool, the game has seen a bunch of aesthetically pleasing ships already, including the Swordfish from Cowboy Bebop, the Ford Mustang Fastback, and Batman’s Tumbler.

Reddit user ACourierinVegas took online to share their custom Starfield ship that looks very similar to Cazadores insects from Fallout: New Vegas. The vehicle has a pair of orange wings that seem to be made of sharp blades. There are six legs connected to the body, each decorated in black and blue. The main part of this faithful-looking space vessel is the cockpit, half of which is covered in red. The Reddit user didn’t put together a guide for the Cazador ship, but it looks like they combined landing gears, habs, dockers, and cargo holds.

Starfield players are impressed by the game’s customization system, which allows them to make every type of ship. Recently, one gamer has completed a tricky challenge by creating the Normandy from Mass Effect, while another made an accurate version of Halo‘s UNSC Frigate. It will be great to see if more custom ships emerge from players’ imagination.

Ship modules in Starfield allow players to tweak their spaceships and improve their innate stats. There are only two ways to collect these parts; either by plundering enemy ships or buying them from technicians found in major cities. Each module dictates the mass and value of the space vessel, and they can be replaced with better versions at any time. Players who spend their credits on things other than modules can get free ships, which are unlocked upon completion of specific quests. In addition to powerful weapons, they have some of the coolest designs in the game.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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