Starfield Bug Turns Cora Coe Into an Adult


  • Starfield players have discovered a bug that causes the character Cora Coe to suddenly become an adult after using a workbench on the player’s ship.
  • Cora is a popular character and often found on players’ ships, accompanying her father Sam Coe.
  • Despite some bugs, Starfield is generally considered to have a solid launch, with frequent updates and patches to address common issues and improve stability.

Gamers have come across no shortage of hilarious and occasionally very weird bugs in Starfield, but one screenshot that’s been making the rounds online highlights a strange bug that causes the 12-year-old Cora Coe to become an adult seemingly in the blink of an eye. While Cora isn’t a fully-fledged companion like many other characters in Starfield are, she has nonetheless become a popular character among the community, and is frequently found on the ships of players who like to travel with her father, Sam Coe.

Not unlike many of the other open-world titles from Bethesda Game Studios, Starfield features a variety of companions who can be chosen by the player to accompany them on their travels. A feature that’s a little more unique to Starfield itself, though, is the ability for players to staff their very own custom-built spaceships and planetside outposts with NPC crews. Every major companion character is complete with their own sets of perks which make them useful for certain tasks, but regardless of whether Constellation member Sam Coe is assigned to a far-off planetary base or as a player’s primary companion, his young daughter Cora is certain to be right behind him.

Cora is a curious and often entertaining character in her own right, and while she does provide players a few small side quests and dialogue options at times, her young age leaves her father little choice but to keep her aboard the ship for the most part. Though Cora is one of the few junior characters in Starfield, one surprising bug shared by a player known as ButterscotchUnfair56 shows her suddenly becoming an adult after interacting with a workbench aboard the player’s ship. This glitch is likely a result of Cora’s character model switching to the default adult model when entering the animation for using the workbench, and is a somewhat common visual bug that occurs in Skyrim for the same reason.

The ability to brave the countless dangers of the universe with Cora in tow may make Sam seem like a less-than-responsible father, and this idea has only been reinforced by several hilarious clips shared by other Starfield fans which feature Cora being in places she certainly shouldn’t be. While she does stay on the player’s ship automatically while her dad is away, the game does include various quests which allow Cora to be taken along for the journey while exploring a planet’s surface.

Players have come across quite a few noteworthy glitches in Starfield while exploring the vast galaxy it offers, despite the space-based RPG generally being considered to have the most solid state at launch of all Bethesda’s releases so far. The game continues to receive frequent updates and patches which aim to resolve many of the game’s most common bugs, while also improving stability and reducing the frequency of crashes.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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