Skyrim Players Hits Level 100 in Pickpocket and Steals All of Whiterun’s Clothes

After hitting level 100 in pickpocketing, one Skyrim player sets out on a mission to undress every NPC in Whiterun and succeeds.

Every Bethesda release becomes a seminal moment for the industry, at least particularly that of Elder Scrolls games. It’s been over ten years since Skyrim was released now, and while 2011 saw several critically acclaimed titles, Skyrim is still the one that stands out the most. Whether it’s the joy of replaying the same exact build again or discovering something new on an umpteenth playthrough, Skyrim is the gift that keeps on giving.

Even still, Skyrim players have to find ways to mix it up, and that’s just one of many reasons that the Skyrim mod community is so active. It’s still possible without mods though, as one Redditor has taken it upon themselves to showcase with the pickpocket skill.


Posted on Reddit (and shared first via TheGamer), one user took it upon themselves to undress every single NPC in Whiterun. It’s certainly a creative way to spend time in-game. For those who don’t remember or who didn’t care for stealth builds in Skyrim, players can unlock the ‘”Perfect Touch” perk upon reaching pickpocket level 100. “Perfect Touch” allows players to steal items that are equipped, such as ideally weapons and armors off of enemies, although it still occurs a chance of failure.

Instead of stealing his enemies’ weapons and armors, though, the Redditor (as seen above) decided to undress everyone in Whiterun. Although there would have a chance to fail, it seems that the player managed to prove how good their stealth actually is. Of course, this Redditor is far from the only one to perform any experimental shenanigans in Skyrim lately.

Another player recently decided to find out what happens if they dumped every Skyrim book they could possibly find into a body of water, absolutely filling it to the brim. What happened comes as no surprise, as it essentially obliterated Skyrim’s frame rate and entering the water proved to be a bad idea, as the “books don’t want [them] to leave.” Overall, whether it’s stacking books or undressing NPCs, Skyrim remains the perfect breeding grounds for more shenanigans.

While many may still be enamored with Skyrim, there’s certainly as many who want to hear more news on The Elder Scrolls 6. Unfortunately, there’s nothing really new and there’s not going to be anything new for quite some time. The best thing about that, though, is Bethesda is releasing Starfield this year, and while this brand-new IP remains a mystery, it’ll be interesting to see if it can present a sandbox the same way as Skyrim and host as many shenanigans for years, before The Elder Scrolls 6 ever does release.

Skyrim is available on all major platforms.

Source: Reddit (via TheGamer)

Source: Gamerant

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