Skyrim Fan Makes Impressive Watercolor Painting of the Game’s Snowy Mountains

One gamer has decided to start making artwork based on the open-world game Skyrim, beginning with a watercolor painting of a snowy mountain landscape. With so many picturesque locations across its expansive map, it is not hard to understand why this artist chose the world of Skyrim as a subject for fan art.

While Skyrim was released in 2011 by Bethesda, the popular game has been ported to newer platforms over the years. In addition, Skyrim has an active modding community that continues to enhance the base experience of the game. These efforts from modders, along with new versions of the RPG, have improved the already memorable locations of the open world, helping to keep people talking about them for over a decade.


One gamer, who is also an artist, recently decided to paint a picture of a landscape inspired by Skyrim. In a post on Reddit, the artist called thepixelpaint shared an image of their watercolor painting based on some of Skyrim‘s snowy mountains. In the image, a large group of mountains dominated the left side of the painting, while pine trees could be seen dotting the landscape. Furthermore, the artist created a patchy sky of white clouds and blue sky, and the edge of what appeared to be a large body of water was visible in the far distance. Beyond the beautiful landscape, the artist even included a dragon soaring above the conifers.

In addition to showing off the painting on Reddit, the user provided some background on how they created the art. According to thepixelpaint, they used gouache paint and Strathmore paper. They noted that Cobalt Turquoise was the “key” color for the painting and said to “tone the intensity of that one down,” they chose Sky Blue with some Payne’s Gray. Furthermore, some Permanent Green Light and Sap Green were used for the trees, and Permanent White was added to the design as well. Based on the comments, the key to creating the picture involved mixing these colors to create the desired look.

Besides this breathtaking scenery showcasing the mountains of the game world, thepixelpaint revealed plans to make even more paintings based on locations in Skyrim and asked for suggestions. Unsurprisingly, many fans quickly responded, as the post has already gained several hundred upvotes. Blackreach, the Rift, and Sovngarde were among some fans’ recommendations.

It is worth pointing out that this is just one of many pieces of artwork created by talented Skyrim fans. With the game recently celebrating its 11th birthday, some gamers have made artwork commemorating the occasion. For instance, another gamer created a pixel art scene from Skyrim just for the occasion. With so many places to explore in the province of Skyrim, it will be interesting to see what creative fans such as thepixelpaint come up with next.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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