Rumor: Sly Cooper 5 Reveal Could Happen This Year

A leak suggests that a new addition to the Sly Cooper franchise could be revealed this year, as it marks the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

Sly Cooper fans had almost given up hope on the possibility of a sequel as it has been nearly 9 years since the last entry in the franchise released. However, hope for a new Sly Cooper game was renewed when rumors began to swirl about another addition to the franchise being in the works, and now a leak suggests that a reveal could be coming sooner than fans expect.

A Sly Cooper game allegedly started development last summer, but the details surrounding the project were scarce at best. Some of the leaks surrounding the possibility of a new Sly Cooper game noted that fans could expect to see a reveal for the game at a State of Play event that has now come and gone or some time during this year.


Another leak has now surfaced stating that a reveal for an unnamed Sly Cooper game should arrive in the second half of this year. This would make a lot of sense if it happens to be the case, as the reveal would likely coincide with the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

This information comes from the same leaker who has also claimed another former Sucker Punch Productions game is also in the works. While both a Sly Cooper and Infamous game are said to be in development, strangely, neither of the two titles are rumored under the Sucker Punch Productions banner. This is owing to the belief that Sucker Punch’s next game will be a follow-up to the popular Ghost of Tsushima.

While a 20th anniversary reveal sounds promising for the reveal of a Sly Cooper game, fans should keep in mind that the 20th anniversary of the Jak and Daxter franchise has come and gone without any information relating to the possibility of a game being in development.

The difference between the two franchises, however, is that no rumors have surfaced regarding the possibility of a Jak and Daxter game being developed, and while rumors are only as reliable as the sources they come from, the sheer number of rumors relating to the Sly Cooper franchise is a good indication that fans should expect something this year.

A new Sly Cooper game could be good for the PS5, as the Ratchet and Clank series has enjoyed a decent amount of success on the platform so far. A Sly Cooper game on PS5 could be even more successful than Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart was owing to the franchise’s relatively sizable fanbase.

Source: Gamerant

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