Restaurant is Giving Free Food to Genshin Impact Players With Itto

Arataki Itto, the latest addition to the growing cast of Genshin Impact, is getting those fortunate enough to roll him a free meal.

Genshin Impact remains a phenomenon, holding a devoted player base thanks to its characters, combat, open world, and gacha mechanics. While Genshin Impact players want better drop rates for endgame content, many are nevertheless enjoying the game a great deal.

One of the appeals of Genshin Impact is how it constantly grows and adds new content, including new characters for players to take out into the world for exploration and battle. The latest of these five-star wonders is Arataki Itto, a Geo user and leader of his own gang. And, as it turns out, a coupon for a very specific free meal.


One particular restaurant in Malaysia is giving away a free meal to anyone who can show off that they have Itto in their character stable. Potential diners simply need to head into the restaurant, pull up a screen on their phone to show off Itto, and presto, free food. A free California Maki roll to be specific, since it’s a Japanese restaurant named, perhaps predictably, Ito. There’s no need to have any special build for Itto or any accessories, just the horned Geo user himself for a free Maki.

It’s a pretty good promotion, taking advantage of the Genshin Impact player base to bring attention to the local restaurant based off a simple name pun. Of course, it’s entirely likely that many players who have Itto have spent considerably more than the cost of a single California Maki roll in an effort to obtain him. Still, for many said California Maki would simply be a perk, as there are many reasons players are after Itto right now. Players love his bold and brash attitude and style, with one player loving it so much they created a fan-made wish animation for Itto.

For any interested in this Itto in Ito promotion, keep in mind that it applies only to Itto himself. None of the four-star banner characters released with Itto will get players the free California Maki roll, even if they are fun to have anyway. Only the horned one himself will do.

As fun as the promotion is, it’s a shame that it is only available in one place, although perhaps other restaurants might adopt similar promotions in the future. Hopefully, not all of those promotions require difficult-to-get characters or weapons like the recent Redhorn Stonethresher.

Genshin Impact is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, and a Nintendo Switch version in development.

Source: Gamerant

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