Red Dead Online Player Turns Their Character Into Spider-Man Villain Doc Ock

A creative Red Dead Online player and Spider-Man fan transforms their character into the villain Doc Ock, sharing two different designs.

Red Dead Online players have kept the game alive through their clever creations, with custom characters being one of the most popular things to show off. While there have been plenty of Red Dead Online characters that serve as tributes to specific franchises, Spider-Man fans should get a kick out of the latest design.

This is not the first time that Spider-Man-related content has been shared in Red Dead Online, however. Earlier this year, someone made their Red Dead Online character into Spider-Man, with a clever costume seeing a black hood worn alongside a red shirt and blue suspenders. Rope was used as a stand-in for webs, letting the player live out their Spidey fantasies in a wild west setting. Now, Redditor HeySoloSoyYoy has given the old timey Spidey a villain to do battle with.


The Redditor shared two versions of the supervillain Doctor Octopus, and Sam Raimi fans will surely be happy with the first design. The player perfectly captures the version of Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2, with an image of the live action Otto Octavius seen in the upper right corner. The character model is slightly heavier than most Red Dead Online creations, which is a smart touch that shows he is a regular man turned evil. The hair is spot-on, as are the small shades that perfectly match those worn in the film. However, it is Doc Ock’s outfit that steals the show.


The Red Dead Online player gives the villain a turtleneck shirt and leather jacket that closely resembles the one in the film, but the real star of the show is the gun belt. Two belts wrap around Otto’s chest, something that clearly resembles the antagonist’s deadly mechanical arms. Given how important the prosthetics are to the character, the design would likely feel incomplete without them. Fortunately, HeySoloSoyYo found the perfect way to represent them within a grounded 1890s setting.

While Doc Ock’s role in the recently released Spider-Man: No Way Home will surely make the first design a hit with fans, comic book readers should be fond of the second. The Redditor manages to completely recreate Doc Ock’s original comic book design, with silly yellow gloves included alongside a tight green suit. He also wears some traditional glasses, with the neck piece replaced with a yellow scarf. While there are small inconsistencies, like a gun belt and some other colors being used for the scarf’s pattern, it is remarkably close to Doc Ock’s traditional look.


While Spider-Man villains like Venom would be almost impossible to pull off in Red Dead Online, HeySoloSoyYo has shown that more grounded characters work just fine. With these Doctor Octopus designs being spot on, hopefully the Redditor continues to share their clever Red Dead Online creations with the game’s community.

Red Dead Online is available now on PC, PS4, Stadia, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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