Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Toedscruel Ability Seriously Hurts Its Effectiveness in Battle

The new Ground/Grass-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Toedscruel, gets nerfed by the addition of its ability.

The new Ground/Grass-type version of Tentacruel from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Toedscruel, is the fastest Spore user ever, but its ability hurts its effectiveness in battle. The new Pokemon has the same appearance as Tentacruel except its beak has been replaced by a proboscis and its tentacles function more like legs. Toedscruel’s not a jellyfish that learned to walk on land, though; it’s a mushroom. It’s interesting that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet changed Tentacruel from Water/Poison to Grass/Ground instead of Grass/Poison, but its moveset and stats make it really useful. But it would be even more useful if it didn’t have an ability at all.


Toedscruel is one of a few Pokemon capable of using Spore, a one-hundred-percent-accurate status move that sends foes to sleep, allowing much weaker Pokemon to even take down legendaries if it gets to hit. Spore can only be learned by these Pokemon besides Toedscruel: Paras, Parasect, Shroomish, Breloom, Foonguss, Amoonguss, Morelull, and Shiinotic. The average speed of those Pokemon is slightly under 34, with Breloom being the speediest at 70. Meanwhile, Toedscruel sits pretty with a speed of 100, making it by far the fastest. So there’s nothing to stop players from putting a choice scarf on it and just sending everything to sleep, or so it would seem.

TikTok user wolfeyvgc recently posted a video breakdown of Toedscruel’s ability, Mycelium Might, which is effectively a nerf meant to prevent players from breaking the game with an overpowered Pokemon. Its ability does this: the Pokemon always attacks after its opponent when using status moves, but its status moves ignore the ability of the target. Meaning there’s no way for Toedscruel to ever move first when using Spore, leaving it vulnerable to whatever attack may hit and possibly kill it before it gets a chance. Pokemon made a fast Spore user and realized that it made a Pokemon capable of sweeping teams by sending everyone to sleep. So, it nerfed Toedscruel by giving it Mycelium Might– making sure it can’t abuse Spore while giving it a form of Mold Breaker to make up for the useless ability.

If fans want a speedy Spore user, they can still find Breloom in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. If they equip it with a choice scarf then they have a Pokemon with 105 speed that can use Spore. Toedscruel’s speed with choice scarf is 150, and with the average base speed for all Pokemon being 66, if Toedscruel didn’t have Mycelium Might only Pokemon with Electric, Grass, or holding Overcoat or Safety Goggles would be able to stand up to it.

While Toedscruel isn’t as good as it could be, its type is useful since it’s immune to Electric and resistant to Ground and Rock, and it’s tied with Claydol for the Ground-type with the highest special defense. At least Mycelium Might, while weakening Toedscruel, allows it to put status effects on Pokemon with Safe Guard, Leaf Guard, and Misty Terrain.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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