Pokemon Legends: Arceus Early Copy Leaks Are Appearing Online

Images from early release copies of Pokemon Legends: Arceus begin to release online with the final game still a couple of weeks away from launch.

As fans of the Pokemon series wait for the upcoming release of Pokemon Legends: Arceus early information from the game has begun to leak online. Seeing as how the images that are spreading are leaks, fans might want to take some of what they see with a grain of salt, and be prepared for spoilers from the early gameplay of Pokemon Legends.

These leaks are reportedly coming from early copies of Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and are spreading across prominent leakers online like PoryLeeks and others tapped into the latest Pokemon related news and rumors. The direct sources, however, are remaining primarily anonymous, likely for legal reasons, which makes it difficult to confirm the legitimacy of these leaks.


Much of the photos shared so far come from the early moments in the game, showing the player speaking with the newest professor as well as the titular Pokemon Arceus. However, there is something strange about some of the images, such as the clothing that the player character is wearing not exactly matching what has been shown in previous trailers of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Similarly, the opening with Arceus is strikingly similar to the opening to Zelda speaking to Link in the beginning of Breath of the Wild, which might just be from the new open world title taking notes from Nintendo’s biggest success in the genre.

pokemon arceus leak

Some of these oddities have been enough for some players to take these newly leaked images with a grain of salt, especially combined with the anonymous sourcing of this new information. While the opening might very well have the player in more plain clothes than in previous trailers and a mystical conversation with Arceus, many fans have quickly become suspicious. On the other hand, some players eager to get their hands on the Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ new mechanics and story themselves are quick to trust the reliability of some leakers.

pokemon arcues opening leak

In short, while players looking for an unspoiled experience may want to steer clear of trending items on social media as these images continue to leak, it is difficult to confirm their authenticity. Fortunately, Game Freak’s next step forward for the Pokemon franchise with Pokemon Legends: Arceus is releasing soon. But players are still less than two weeks away from getting to see these opening moments and story segments for themselves without the need of leaks and unconfirmed rumors spreading across the internet.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to release January 28, 2022 for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Gamerant

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