Pokemon Fan Makes LEGO Versions of Koraidon and Scream Tail


  • A creative Pokemon fan has gained attention online for their impressive LEGO versions of Paradox Pokemon Koraidon and Scream Tail, receiving hundreds of likes.
  • Paradox Pokemon are exclusive to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with futuristic versions in Pokemon Violet and ancient versions in Pokemon Scarlet.
  • The fan’s LEGO creations capture all the details of each Paradox Pokemon, with Koraidon being the standout and other creations also receiving praise.

A creative Pokemon fan is drawing plenty of attention online after posting images of their impressive LEGO versions of Koraidon and Scream Tail. The post of the pair of fan-favorite Paradox Pokemon hailing from the latest Pokemon games has already garnered likes in the triple digits, which includes them in both their regular form as well as their shiny versions.

Introduced as part of Pokemon‘s Generation 9 with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Paradox Pokemon are a group of unique Pokemon which are essentially futuristic or ancient versions of regular Pokemon. The futuristic Paradox Pokemon are exclusively in Pokemon Violet, while the ancient ones – inlcuding Koraidon and Scream Tail – are only available in Pokemon Scarlet. While there are currently 18 Paradox Pokemon in total across the two games, the total is increasing as revealed by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s leaked Paradox Pokemon from The Indigo Disk DLC, arriving next month.

The splendid group of LEGO Paradox Pokemon comes from Reddit user zombieee4567, who posted their artwork to one of the website’s primary Pokemon pages. Adept brick-building skills can be seen on full display, with each creation managing to capture all of each Pokemon’s details, both big and small. While the second and fourth slides are impressive, even capturing the specific hand position of the unexpectedly competitive Scream Tail, the first and third slides featuring Koraidon are the showstoppers. Even with having numerous tiny details, the artist somehow includes practically every single one.

Others in the Pokemon fan community seem to agree with fan comments being purely complimentary. The LEGO Koraidon and Scream Tail aren’t actually the first creations that zombieee4567 has made, as they’ve also created a number of other Paradox Pokemon out of LEGO. Earlier this month, the same fan made Iron Bundle, Iron Valiant, Sandy Shocks and Flutter Mane, which are Paradox versions of Delibird, Gardevoir/Gallade, Magneton and Misdreavus respectively. The group is equally impressive, capturing the essence of each of the Paradox Pokemon.

Beyond Paradox Pokemon, Pokemon fans seem to have been building models of their favorite creatures from across all generations of the franchise, including one who crafted Eevee and all the eeveelutions out of LEGO. While not necessarily as intricate as the LEGO Koraidon featured above, the elemental group of Pokemon is certainly impressive, and another example of the immense amount of creativity that the Pokemon fandom displays on what seems like a near-daily basis.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the upcoming main series Pokemon games. These two versions will be the arrival of Generation IX.



November 18, 2022

Game Freak

Nintendo, The Pokemon Company

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