Pokemon Fan Designs Rock/Fire-Type Versions of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur

A talented Pokemon artist creates their own version of Bulbasaur, Ivysaur, and Venusaur as fire/rock-type Pokemon using classic Pokemon pixel art.

Every artist has their own point of view. Several creators from different backgrounds choose an aspect of the franchise they enjoy, putting their own unique flair into it.This is no different with Pokemon fans and how they choose to express themselves. From the digital pieces featuring popular characters to the clay statues of specific Pokemon, the fan base has shown a deep love for Pokemon artwork.

One type of fan artwork that has become more popular as of late is art that swaps a Pokemon’s type. Every Pokemon has at least one type which plays an integral role in determining what the appearance or biology of that creature. If one were to change that type, the result would be radically different from the Pokemon’s original form. Taking the water/flying type Gyarados and turning it into a ground type would naturally alter many aspects of the creature’s concept, which many artists seem to enjoy. One artist in particular attempted this with a starter from the Kanto region.


A user on Reddit named PokemonRegionalFR attempted to create their own version of the Bulbasaur line, turning them into fire/rock types. The seed Pokemon and its evolutions are typically grass/poison types with blue skin and a floral theme as the bulb on Bulbasaur grows into a large flower on Venusaur. PokemonRegionalFR’s take on them turns the line into stone monsters with completely gray skin and black eyes with orange pupils.

This theme is pushed further specifically in Ivysaur and Venusaur who now feature lava filled cracks along their skin as the once-blooming flower on their backs have transformed into large boulders. Venusaur notably appears to have lava spewing from the Pokemon’s back. While this is the interpretation of PokemonRegionalFR, another artist has attempted a Bulbasaur of varying types.

This type of fan artwork may have become as popular as it has due to the creative freedom it allows. Pokemon tend to be intricately designed with several elements going into their creation. These include the region they debut in, the species that inspires them, and their typing. So an artist even altering one of these aspects can open up a world of possibilities that is unique to their own personal vision. Regional variant notably accomplish this exact idea as the Unovan Zoroark differs heavily from the new Hisuian Zoroark.

With the confirmation that regional variants will return with Wooper’s new regional form, fans of the Pokemon franchise have more than ever before to lookout for in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet games releasing soon.

Source: Gamerant

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