Overwatch Players Want a Skin for Reinhardt Based on Marvel’s Thor

While Overwatch has only had crossover skins based on other Blizzard properties, many players have made the case for outfits based on Marvel heroes. The latest call for such skins sees an Overwatch player specifically asking for Reinhardt Thor, sharing an awesome piece of art that shows the outfit’s potential.

As mentioned earlier, creative Overwatch fans have pushed for a Marvel crossover on a few occasions, showing the potential for the cosmetics through their own fan art and skin concepts. This has included one-off creations like a piece of art that sees Widowmaker transforming into Spider-Gwen, as well as a collection of art pieces from a user named Xtremee_ghost. It is a piece from this collection of art, dubbed Marvelwatch Madness, that recently made the rounds on Reddit.


Reddit user and Overwatch fan Soft_Realistic made a post asking for a Thor skin to be added for Reinhardt, saying that the skin would “suit him perfectly.” Indeed, the two characters do have some similarities, with both wielding hammers to great effect in combat. Both heroes are aksi proud warriors who find fights to be thrilling, and the two share similarly loud and carefree personalities. Alongside the request for a Thor skin, Soft_Realistic shares a mock-up from Xtremee_ghost’s beloved collection of Marvel skin concepts.

The Thor design for Reinhardt sees the young version of the Tank hero used as the model, a fitting choice given the long blonde locks that Reinhardt used to have. While Mjolnir may be the most iconic weapon wielded by Thor, Stormbreaker would be a much better fit for a Reinhardt skin, as the axe is much larger and would suit the hero’s large frame. Lightning can be seen in Reinhardt-Thor’s eyes and on the Stormbreaker axe, with a red cape worn alongside some intricate armor that is fitting of the God of Thunder. A final touch sees Thor’s signature helmet worn atop Reinhardt’s head.

The art piece even includes mock-ups for Brigitte and Torbjorn, bringing in some more the Norse-based Marvel characters. Brigitte’s makeover turns her into Lady Thor, with the Support hero sporting Jane Foster’s signature winged helmet and a red cape. As for Torbjorn, the turret loving hero becomes Odin, with the fan art giving him gold armor, horns, and Mjolnir. Not only is it nice to see this old art getting some love a few years later, but the many positive comments and upvotes prove that there is still immense interest in a Marvel crossover event.

While it remains to be seen if Blizzard will be open to crossovers whenever Overwatch 2 releases, fans clearly want to see it happen one day. For now, though, those that want to see Reinhardt dressed up like Thor have this awesome fan art to look to.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Imgur/Xtremee_ghost

Source: Gamerant

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