Overwatch Fans Are Turning Reinhardt’s New Skin Into a Meme

After complaints from the Overwatch fan base about recycled events with no new content, Blizzard decided to shake things up with Anniversary Remix. The first Volume if this event is live now, and it features plenty of new skins – including a stylish color swap for Reinhardt.

What makes the Anniversary Vol. 1 skins different is that they are not technically new skins, but color swapped versions of some of the most popular skins in Overwatch. The incredibly popular Witch Mercy outfit, for instance, has been made white, and Mage Mercy will surely prove popular. D.Va has gotten a white variant of her cat skin, Reaper has received a need crow rework called Evermore, and Genji’s beloved Oni skin has been recolored to make him a Demon. While one would expect Reinhardt’s Steelhardt skin to be a big hit, too, fans are mainly just making jokes about it.


The Steelhardt skin is a recolor of the Blackhardt and Bloodhardt skins, which feature a small helmet and glowing midsection. With the black and red armor patterns being so big with fans upon the game’s original release, it is surprising that the latest version is being memed. Still, the jokes are clearly in good fun, as the sleek white and green design of Steelhardt looks fine – it just resembles a few things. According to Reddit user itzFreezing, the new skin has essentially turned the German knight into an Xbox 360.

It is hard to argue against this insinuation, as Reinhardt absolutely bears a resemblance to the beloved Microsoft console. Like the Xbox 360, Reinhardt’s armor is mostly white, but some light green is used for his glowing stomach and his helmet’s visor. The Xbox 360 using the light green sparingly for its power button, and even the texture on Reinhardt’s armor bears a resemblance to the Xbox 360, with the lined sections on his thighs and shoulders resembling the vent on the side of the console.

Overwatch fans did not stop at Xbox 360 memes, though, as others have argued that Reinhardt has ripped off Genji’s aesthetic. Once again, this is a solid comparison, with some wondering if the armor has been intentionally recolored to look like the suit worn by the Cyborg Ninja. Regardless, YourFuture_ has dubbed Reinhardt’s new aesthetic “Buff Genji.” With the Xbox 360 meme getting over 6,000 upvotes and Buff Genji snagging over 8,000, it is safe to say that the fan base is enjoying the posts about Reinhardt’s latest skin.

Based in how popular these Overwatch memes seem to be, it may not be long before more gamers are cracking jokes about this white and green getup. With the Anniversary event set to introduce numerous recolored skins, perhaps another could end up getting memed in the near future.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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