Overwatch Clip Sees Torbjorn Getting 6 Kills While Dead

During an intense game of Overwatch, a player uses Torbjorn’s powerful abilities to get an impressive 6 eliminations even after dying on the point.

Despite releasing over 5 years ago, fans are far from finished making amazing plays in Overwatch. With a diverse list of characters, each with a unique set of abilities, it’s no wonder players continue to come up with game-winning highlights. One character players have been using to make impressive plays is Torbjorn.

As part of the original cast of heroes, players have been utilizing Torbjorn’s impressive kit for a while now. With a Deploy Turret, he makes an excellent choice for a more defensive-oriented Damage hero. In addition to his turret, Torbjorn comes equipped with a Rivet Gun and a powerful ultimate called Molten Core. This ability lets the industrious fighter fill the battlefield with molten slag. Recently, one talented player used these abilities to make an unbelievable play during a match.


In a post on Reddit, a user known as Hochtemler shared a video from a recent game of Overwatch. Taking place on the second capture point of the Temple of Anubis map, the Reddit user showcased the defensive capabilities of Torbjorn. The action started with the enemy team pushing the offensive by diving onto the point. After the enemy Reinhardt and Soldier 76 picked a couple of quick kills, the outcome looked bleak for Hochtemler. However, things were about to take an unexpected turn.

Pinned in the back corner of the objective, Hochtemler activated his ultimate, Molten Core, before being eliminated by a Fire Strike from the opposing Reinhardt. However, the player’s death was not in vain. Just as it seemed like all hope of pulling out a victory was shattered, players suddenly began to die on the opposing team. As the enemy team started dropping one by one, the kill feed was filled with the Torbjorn player’s name. Using his Deploy Turret and ultimate ability, they managed to eliminate 6 players. Even the opposing Reinhardt was killed a second time after being revived by an allied Mercy.

This impressive sextuple kill from Hochtemler caught the attention of many members of the Overwatch community on Reddit. With over 1,000 upvotes in only a couple of days, many were surprised by the eliminations the player was able to pick up from the grave. In addition, some users commented on the strength of Torbjorn’s abilities, while others liked the highlight intro the player was using called Lava Angel. Furthermore, one gamer pointed out that the enemy Reinhardt was doubly unlucky. “Poor Rein gets to suffer twice,” they said.

It’s always exciting to see fans continue to make impressive plays in Overwatch. Besides this Torbjorn play, another gamer recently made a brilliant play with Symmetra by placing a wall to block a deadly Rip-TIre. It will be interesting to see what other highlights players make in the coming days.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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