New World Player Shares Great Method For Messing With Bots

New World has always had a bot problem that Amazon has been dealing with over time, and a player shares a creative method to mess with the bots’ AI.

There were several factors that made New World‘s launch great and also problematic, with concurrent player numbers skyrocketing over 900,000 on Steam charts and design issues hindering the experience for many. New World is not out of the woods at the moment, and its playerbase dropped significantly from its golden week or two after launch, but the game is doing better thanks to Amazon Game Studios listening to players’ feedback and trying to improve areas that need that the most. Fixing a game is no easy task when there are multiple issues that are so diverse in nature, and with New World being an MMO things can only get even more complex.


Something that the game has been struggling with for a long time now is that there are often hordes of bots in the wilds, collecting resources and then inflating the market to gain Gold easily. This is against Amazon’s policy, of course, and thousands of New World bots have been banned from the game over the three months since its launch. However, some still remain, and it’s not uncommon for players to find creative ways to disrupt their routes.

A Reddit user by the name of BirthdayDiligent5328 shared a video showcasing a great system to prevent bots from running rampant and chopping down hundreds of trees. This consists of placing a Tier 5 camp just in the middle of a route, which then becomes an insurmountable obstacle for the AI commonly used by bots – one that normally is set to achieve a few basic tasks on repeat. The New World bot caught in the video simply cannot jump over the camp nor can it effectively reprise its steps.

The result is that the bot keeps running in circles trying to find a way to go back to its original route, which doesn’t happen because camps don’t naturally despawn after a certain amount of time. In fact, the New World player went back to the camp hours later and found the bot still trying to go around the camp to go back to chopping trees. While this isn’t a permanent solution like bans handed by Amazon, it does help.

Fishing bots are also very common in New World, even more so because fish is often rarer to come by than other materials, and the bot has to perform even fewer actions. There is no way to prevent them from doing that, unfortunately, but players can still report them in-game and hope for speedy action on Amazon’s part.

New World is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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