Minecraft Player Builds Insanely Fast Hoglin Farm Using Glitched Portals

Minecraft player shows off an impressively fast Hoglin farm that produces 1.1 million items per hour due to a glitched spawn-proofed portal.

Mojang released Minecraft way back in 2011, and fans continue to come up with unique creations and farms to make things more efficient. One Minecraft player has created an insanely fast Hoglin farm through a glitched portal that has become the latest focus of the Minecraft community.

Reddit user The_Duck_001 recently shared a video in which they showed a creative and efficient Hoglin farm. Like other farms created by fans, this farm begins in the sky with a Nether Portal connected to a tower of glass. The Nether Portal creates significantly more Hoglins than Minecraft fans would normally expect due to a glitch on the other side of the portal. The Hoglins are quickly burnt in lava before plummeting to their death, creating cooked meat and leather for the players at the bottom at roughly the rate of 1.1 million items per hour.


Although The_Duck_001’s clip only shows a glimpse of the base of this farm, it gives an idea of how the cooked meat may be efficiently collected. The bottom layer of this farm appears to be surrounded by hoppers fuelled by Minecraft‘s incredibly useful Redstone used by other creations in the past that may collect the cooked meat and store them in chests or a larger location for future use in this one. It’s currently unclear why this Minecraft glitch spawns so many Hoglins in order to produce over one million cooked meat, but when The_Duck_001 enters the Nether Portal, the glitch becomes more visible.

The Nether Portal in this particular Minecraft Seed shows Hoglins phasing into existence. Although Hoglins don’t typically have official spawners as Spiders do, this Minecraft player has seemingly broken a lot of bedrock and spawn-proofed everything to ensure that it was creating the impressive amount of animals.

When The_Duck_001 enters the Nether Portal and views the spawning Hoglins from above, it becomes clear that the Minecraft animals are spawning as quickly as they’re burning in the lava on the other side. The Minecraft biomes players typically find these creatures in also include Piglins and Zombie Piglins, but the spawn-proofing has ensured that only Hoglins spawn due to the lit area. Because the Hoglin has a fungus that it’s afraid of, this farm could be pushing the animal towards this Nether Portal to further ensure that the spawning Hoglins are entering this specific location.

Minecraft is available right now for Mac, mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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