Minecraft Player Builds Impressive Fractal Creation

Often finding unique and inventive ways to use Minecraft as a blackboard for creative expression, it’s clear the gaming community can be incredibly imaginative. While the title mainly features modes where the primary goal is to survive against the odds, those who are feeling a little inspired can enter the Creative mode to construct some truly impressive Minecraft building designs. With this, one gamer has flexed their ingenuity by building a massive optical illusion that completely transforms the game’s pixel aesthetic.


As briefly touched upon, the Creative mode is a section of Minecraft that lets players build whatever their mentalities can muster with an unlimited amount of blocks, absent the imminent threat of enemy mobs or a lack of materials. On top of this, Creative mode grants all players the ability to fly, which is incredibly useful for assembling structures that require aerial transportation to reach heights inaccessible on foot. With all of these mechanics packed in just one sub-mode, it comes as no surprise to say that the community has invested the time to masterfully manoeuvre the featured tools to birth the conception of remarkable Minecraft builds.

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In a related manner, one Reddit user known as BetDue1486 has unveiled their very own in-game optical illusion build based on the seemingly infinite fractal pattern design. This impressive construct was immediately met with over 24,000 upvotes on the Minecraft subreddit, as many applauded BetDue1486’s efforts and seemed to enjoy seeing such an original yet purportedly impossible creation being transported into Minecraft.

Inspecting the fractal closer finds this Minecraft design is based on the Sierpiński triangle illusion, also referred to as the Sierpiński sieve. This design is a fractal with the overall shape of an equilateral triangle that sub-dividedly reduces into smaller equilateral triangles. In short, this means that the mathematically generated pattern is reproducible at any magnification or reduction, which is what gives it the appearance of being superficially perpetual.

Amazingly, although this mind-melting phantasm-like structure is so densely detailed and elaborate, BetDue1486 constructed it on a mobile touch-screen device and not on PC or console. For the uninitiated, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a mobile port that makes it easier to play the sandbox title on the go. Gone is the precise keyboard and mouse input, income a virtual D-Pad and a swipe along the screen to rotate the field of view. While the control scheme sounds comfortable and intuitive enough, it can be pretty tough to master, which is what makes this build even more impressive.

With this optical illusion now being a major zeitgeist within the community, it will be interesting to see what inspired outlandish designs gamers can cook up next. Perhaps some take advantage of Minecraft’s vast open-world to build something even larger than this Sierpiński sieve. After all, the sky’s the only limit in Creative mode.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Gamerant

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