Minecraft Modder Adds a Fully-Functional Chessboard to The Game

There is something so relaxing about playing Minecraft, and now a fan has made it even more so by creating a mod which adds chess to the game.

There are numerous players out there who just want to utilize gaming as a way to unwind and relax, and there is probably no greater stress-free experience than in the mighty Minecraft. A recent study showed that it’s one of the best games to induce mindfulness, coming behind the likes of Skyrim and No Man’s Sky, and it’s not hard to see why. Its creative sandbox mechanics means players can choose how they play the game, going as slow as they feel is necessary. That could be why one user decided that it was the perfect playing field to install a working chess game.


Uploading a video to the Minecraft Subreddit a few days ago, user legoatoom has created a mod for the game, which they call “GameBlocks.” Its main purpose is to implement a chessboard for one or two players to use. It should be said that this not a chess set that’s been built to huge scale, as is often the case with interesting projects. Rather, this mod adds a chessboard, and checkerboard, to the game as a block, which can be placed on a table just like a real one. The video shows the user setting the board up and then playing a quick game against themselves.

Chess is one of the oldest games in the world, created around 600 AD, so it’s not surprising that there are a series of captivating chess video games about. In this instance, legoatoom has taken this ancient board game and brought it into the blocky world of Minecraft. Players can download the mod from CurseForge, just on the off chance that they wish to set up a game with a friend after a long day of gathering resources or building things. In fact, it’s quite surprising that no one has thought to add chess as a block into the game until now.

It’s reasons like this why the game is still going strong after all these years. With Minecraft smashing sales records, selling more than 200 millions copies as of 2020, there is simply no stopping the Mojang-made juggernaut, and it’s largely down to the community. There are so many ways for people to be creative in the game, that it seems as though there won’t ever be an end to it.

In fact, Minecraft is a game that is near-infinite, with a replay value that is only limited by the imagination of its fan base. It seems like it’s almost impossible to get bored with playing or building or coming up with ideas. But in case anyone does, there’s always the opportunity to sit down and play a nice relaxing game of chess.

Minecraft is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: CurseForge

Source: Gamerant

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