Minecraft Fan Uses Note Blocks to Recreate ‘Flight of The Bumblebee’ Piece

Minecraft is the seat of much creativity, and while a lot of that involves building incredible structures, it can also be about classical music.

Video game music is a staple in the industry, even if not many players think too much about it. Music in games can help people fall asleep, or it can create the right mood for the right situation, or just generally be awesome. While there are plenty of examples of titles that have notable soundtracks, the peaceful music from Minecraft is definitely one that many recognize. However, sometimes it’s possible to use the in-game mechanics to create something that isn’t the sandbox world’s own harmonious tracks, as this one fan discovered.


Uploading a short video to the Minecraft Subreddit a few days ago, user RUOK0214 has managed to put together a series of note blocks and redstone which, when activated, recreate the erratic classical piece Flight of the Bumblebee. For those who aren’t aware, Flight of the Bumblebee was composed by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov in 1900 for the opera The Tale of Tsar Saltan. Even those who aren’t familiar with it will likely agree that what the original poster has done is make something quite magnificent, especially given how many blocks it’s taken to achieve.

Unsurprisingly, many in the comments have lavished the user with a lot of praise, with some simply astounded at how they’ve managed to recreate, accurately as well, every note of this incredibly fast piece. While Minecraft is a breeding ground of impressive creations, the majority of them are more about the visuals rather than the sounds. Of course, RUOK0214’s build is still based on the physical act of putting blocks together, but the end result is one that pleases the ears, more so than the eyes.

It’s also not the first time that a fan has used the game’s creative aspects to compose music. Last year, a Minecraft player recreated the “Still Alive” song from Portal, again using note blocks. It shows the sheer versatility of the game, and how, when using these sound blocks, fans can create some pretty amazing music, either their own or something recognizable.

As one of the best games to induce mindfulness in players, coming just behind the likes of Skyrim, Minecraft is one of those IPs that’s notorious for its relaxing gameplay. What fans like RUOK0214 show is, not only is it a chance for the community to show off some of its creative prowess, but it also gives an opportunity to digitally recreate a 120-year-old piece of music. It raises the question of what other classical compositions could be done this way.

Minecraft is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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