Minecraft Fan Gets the Game Running on a Watch


  • Minecraft, the popular block-building sandbox game, can be played on a smartwatch, although it may not be the most practical platform.
  • The smartphone version of Minecraft, known as Minecraft Pocket Edition, was originally limited.
  • While playing Minecraft on a smartwatch may not be ideal, it showcases the impressive advancements in technology and the ability to run games on unconventional devices.

While it might not be the most practical way to play Minecraft, there are players out there who have managed to get the mega-hit block-building sandbox running on a smartwatch. Minecraft is one of the world’s most popular games and is available on most platforms, such as Android, iOS, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. This makes Minecraft an easily accessible game, with a massive bonus for being one of the most kid-friendly open-world sandboxes in existence.

Minecraft has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Even with years of updates and additions, Minecraft is playable even on computers with humble specs. The smartphone version, then called Minecraft Pocket Edition, first launched on mobile devices in 2011 and was much more limited than today’s rebranded Bedrock Edition, which provides a much more cohesive experience across platforms.

A Reddit user by the name of Exotic_Square4935 has shared some pictures of Minecraft starting up and running on what appears to be an Apple smartwatch. Redditor N4riN4ri correctly guessed that the watch was an Android-based clone, as confirmed by the OP’s response. It turns out that this has been possible for some time; another user helpfully provided a link to YouTuber fredward’s video that shows Minecraft being played on a smartwatch 3 years ago. Yet another Reddit user claims to have been the first to have Minecraft running on a smartwatch 10 years ago, but this is unconfirmed. However, they appear to have beaten Exotic_Square4935 to the punch by a few months at least.

One might wonder exactly what sort of person would want to play Minecraft on a smartwatch. It is probable that such a person doesn’t exist; it’s just interesting to see the game running on wearable tech. It’s something like the original Doom having been made to run on everything from an office printer to a calculator; the people who achieve these strange technological feats are having fun and in a way demonstrating just how far technology has come. Another gamer has shown how Minecraft looks on an old 80’s green monochrome monitor, and it’s not as bad as some might think.

A smartwatch certainly isn’t the ideal platform to enjoy Minecraft on, but it’s probably better than nothing. Exotic_Square4935 claims that they are getting a per-second frame rate of 20. This might not be great, but it isn’t terrible either. The screen size is probably the main issue, making it arguably better to play Minecraft on a low-res CRT TV.

Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PC, PS4, Switch, Xbox One, and legacy platforms.

Source: fredward / YouTube

Source: Gamerant

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