Marvel’s Spider-Man Bug Shows What The Sequel’s Main Symbiote Suit Could Look Like

A strange bug in Marvel’s Spider-Man turns the Advanced suit black, giving fans an idea of how the sequel’s Symbiote costume could look.

Marvel’s Spider-Man may be full of iconic outfits, but Insomniac’s original Advanced suit is particularly recognizable. While an updated version of the suit is confirmed to feature in the next Marvel’s Spider-Man game, a Symbiote version is also likely – and a new bug could give fans an idea of how it will look.

A recent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 rumor suggested that every costume in the new game will feature a Symbiote variant, something that has undoubtedly gotten fans of the wall-crawler excited. With players waiting so long for a Symbiote suit, having multiple would be a great surprise. While it was always likely that the Advanced suit would get a Symbiote variant given Venom’s role in the sequel and the fact that it is Peter’s main costume, the rumor has added to the hype.


While official Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 news later in 2022 is likely, fans may not have to wait that long to see what the black Advanced Suit would look like. Recently, Reddit user Lovekiller745 shared two images of a bug from their game that recolored the top half of the costume. While Peter’s legs remain blue and red, the rest of his body is covered in a black and white variant of the Advanced suit. Unsurprisingly, the post has taken off, bringing in over 4,000 upvotes and numerous comments from interested players.

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While the images in question are very clearly a bug, they do give fans a clear idea of what Peter could look like if infected with the Symbiote in the sequel. The costume looks great due to the larger white spiders on Peter’s chest and back, while the eyes of the original Advanced suit stand out clearly. The webbing is still visible, and the web shooters still appear to be red, but these are two minor features that would likely be adjusted for the proper outfit.

Expectations for the Symbiote costume are high, but considering how good this buggy version of the Advanced suit looks, it is hard to imagine Insomniac’s take on the outfit disappointing. Many commenters, like okami189 and felipeb18, joked that Insomniac Games intentionally added the bug to test reactions to the suit. While this is obviously unlikely, and this was surely just a neat bug that Lovekiller745 stumbled upon, the reaction to the outfit has been very positive. While Lovekiller745 confirmed that it was just a menu bug and could not be used in-game, fans will hopefully get to see the real deal in 2023.

While there have been plenty of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suit requests, none are as common as the Symbiote suit. With the costume being such an integral part of Peter’s history in both the comics and other forms of media, the alternate attire being so popular makes sense.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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