Mario Party Superstars CPUs Might Cheat on Higher Difficulties

Now that Mario Party Superstars has been out for a while, fans are sharing experiences with the game that imply harder CPUs may be cheating.

Mario Party, for many years, has been one of Nintendo’s most widely successful party games, affectionately dubbed the “destroyer of friendships” by players. While the game has seen many adjustments and changes throughout the years, the latest titles for the Switch mark a return to form. Mario Party Superstars sees old iconic boards from the Nintendo 64 days of the franchise make a return, but the harder CPUs in that title have been potentially caught cheating by fans.


While Mario Party Superstars faithfully brings back many features seen in the original Mario Party games, it also changes a few things to be consistent with more recent releases. This had led to the inclusion of Super Mario Party’s Lucky Spaces, as well as the previous title’s handling of Hidden Blocks, just without the roulette on whether players would get Stars or Coins. While Hidden Blocks have been in the series since Mario Party 2, the blocks in Mario Party Superstars come with a catch for players seeking a challenge.

Over the time players have spent with the game since it originally launched, many players have noticed something interesting when playing against the higher-difficulty CPUs. Some CPUs will use Custom Dice Blocks to land on spaces that seem ordinary, but happen to have a Hidden Block which may contain either enough Coins to get a Star, or just a Star in general. Being a computer-controlled player, there’s a chance that the CPU was privy to that information when it shouldn’t have been. The fan-made blog Super Mario Broth has shared a breakdown on social media.

While Super Mario Broth openly admits that there’s no proper way to prove if the CPUs have been cheating, other content creators such as YouTube Let’s Players and commenters on Super Mario Broth’s post have also shared the same sentiments. There are plenty of stories shared by fans online that imply this to be the case.

There’s a chance that this was programmed in to add an extra level of challenge to players, but it can’t be proven as there’s no way to tell that these CPUs have been openly cheating. It makes sense for fans to mind if CPUs know where Hidden Blocks are as this information doesn’t get shared with human players at all. There’s also a chance that this could be an exploit in the game’s programming that isn’t meant to be there.

Luckily, for those players that don’t want to run into this issue, they only need to keep their CPU opponents on low levels or simply play with their friends only to experience everything Mario Party Superstars has to offer. While it potentially leaves players without a challenge, it also prevents the chances of opponents cheating with unfair information.

Mario Party Superstars is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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