Lost Ark Trailer Highlights the New Content Coming This Month

A new Lost Ark trailer showcases some of the content included in the MMORPG’s May update, which includes a new class, new raids, new skins, and more.

Lost Ark has earned its place among the most successful new MMORPGs. The game peaked at 1,325,305 concurrent players in February, making it the second most played game on Steam. While the Korean MMO couldn’t sustain that meteoric rise, it still enjoys nearly 600,000 players on Steam.

Lost Ark’s developers aren’t done with the game, however. Amazon and Smilegate just released a new trailer showcasing the new content for May 2022. The new Destined for Destruction update includes a brand-new class and raid for the successful MMO.


The trailer primarily focused on the free-to-play MMORPG’s new Destroyer Advanced Class. The Destroyer wields a massive war hammer with which to batter his enemies into submission. However, it’s not just a bludgeon, as the Destroyer can manipulate gravity to pelt foes with chunks of terrain. He also possesses other area-of-effect attacks, and he is sturdy enough to withstand multiple heavy attacks. This makes the class ideal for crowd control both as an effective tank and a powerful AOE damage dealer. According to the trailer’s description, he can excel both as part of a team and on solo adventures.

The new update also includes a variety of new character skins. If the player wants, they can make Destroyer resemble a demonic warrior, gleaming paladin, barbarian champion, or various other aesthetics. Not all of the new skins are exclusive to the new Destroyer Class. However, those were the only ones featured in the trailer, and it at least appears to be where most of Smilegate’s attention went.

The trailer also showed some footage of the new Guardian and Legion Raids coming with Lost Ark’s May Update. The trailer doesn’t spend too much time on this part of the new content, though it offers a few glimpses at two new bosses. The Deskaluda is a Guardian raid against a giant undead bird that breaths green fire like a dragon. Meanwhile, the Valtan Legion Raid features a mighty undead minotaur with glowing blue eyes. According to Lost Ark’s most recent developer blog, both are quite challenging and intended for groups of higher-level Lost Ark players.

Smilegate is also giving Lost Ark new Guardian Raids, Quests, Open world Activities, and Guild activities. These include new field bosses, new Guild PVP battles, new dungeons, an island of giant chickens, and much more. Lost Ark players can also grab the Neria’s Wardrobe skins for a limited time. These allow players to deck out their characters with inconspicuously modern clothing such as jeans, t-shirts, cardigans, and baseball hats. That may not fit the rest of Lost Ark’s aesthetic, but at least Lost Ark fans can’t complain about not getting new skins.

Lost Ark is available on PC.

Source: Smilegate

Source: Gamerant

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