Long Lost Canceled N64 Game Prototype Released

A long lost prototype of the canceled Nintendo 64 game Carnivale: Cenzo’s Adventure has been released to the public.

Over the years, fans have been pushing the gaming industry to preserve and archive the classic games. This can be seen with various fan efforts that attempt to archive several prototypes of unreleased games, to other endeavors that store hard-to-find games on the Internet. These demos cover all sorts of consoles, from the original Xbox to the Nintendo 64, with plenty of games that have been left on the cutting room floor, lost to time. One of these long-lost game prototypes was a very obscure


Carnivale Cenzo’s Adventure is a game based on a similarly obscure animated movie that only saw a very limited release in certain European countries. The game stars Cenzo, where he and his friends visit a mysterious amusement park in an alternate dimension. He must defeat five bosses in a race to rescue his friends who have then been transformed into parts of the carnival rides. This N64 game was developed by Terraglyph Interactive Studios and was first shown to the public at E3 1999 in an incomplete state.

In this incomplete state, it showed off several mini-games that could earn coins, such as duck shooting, high striker, and racing. However, the developer ran into several financial issues that hampered the game’s process. This eventually led to the cancelation of Carnivale on February 8, 2001, with only 50-60% of the game being finished. Thanks to the archive site and a user by the name of Baker64, a full prototype build of this N64 game is playable.

Within this canceled game were a couple of notes that were left in from a member of the development team, dating to July 21, 2000. This includes usage of the N64’s Rumble Pak, along with some features of the racing mode. This includes weapons and power-ups such as bombs, rockets, shields, and more. Carnivale’s build however seems to post-date the notes that were left by the developer, as there are some aspects that are already in this build that are not mentioned.

Despite its unfinished state, Carnivale can be beaten, but it is obviously still quite buggy and unfinished in a lot of areas. This includes a non-functional password system that can be used to unlock all the playable characters and racetracks. As it stands in this build the first four characters and track are available by default with no legitimate way to unlock them without messing with the game’s files. Regardless, this might pique the interest of some fans who love looking into the history of the Nintendo 64.

Source: Gamerant

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