Lies of P Update Makes Controversial Changes to Some Bosses


  • Lies of P has received a major update to address the difficulty concerns within the game. The update includes balance changes such as increasing the staggerable window time and decreasing the HP of field enemies and three boss fights.
  • The update also includes adjustments to drop rates and weight of certain items, as well as improvements to in-game controller support for Windows users with Dualshock and Dualsense controllers.
  • While the impact of these changes may require further testing, the initial response to the update has been positive, though some players still desire more changes including the timing of perfect guarding.

Lies of P has received a major update that will make the journey through Krat a little easier. Difficulty is always a sensitive subject within the Soulslike community and Lies of P is no different, with the consensus settling on that it is one of the harder titles in the genre.

As with the vast majority of Soulslikes, Lies of P has a single default difficulty setting. Outside of scouring the city for upgrade materials, summoning Specters for boss encounters, and patiently farming Ergo to level up, players simply have to learn how to dodge, guard, and stagger to progress. The Pinocchio-inspired game has presented a tough challenge for even the most seasoned Soulslike veterans, with an especially tight parry mechanic that necessitates precise timing. Alongside two-phase bosses boasting huge health pools, players have found themselves struggling. Fortunately, it seems that the developers have noticed these woes.

The Lies of P Twitter account announced that the latest update, version, is available on Steam and PlayStation. Additionally, Xbox versions had been sent through for testing but, at the time of writing, are yet to have been released. The patch notes list a few bug fixes but are dedicated to balance changes, notably increasing the “staggerable window time” of field enemies and decreasing their HP. Health reductions have also extended to three boss fights, all of which feature two phases with separate health bars. Only the final boss has had its damage decreased while Specters had their health and damage both increased.

Certain amulets in Lies of P were heavier than weapons, and they all had their weight lowered. Another build-defining alteration is that Capacity, the attribute that primarily dictated how much a player can carry, will grant more of an increase to the maximum weight for each point put into it. The drop rates for several items were increased, excluding Star Fragments, which are now less likely to be rewarded. Furthermore, users with Windows OS are now able to utilize in-game support for Dualshock and Dualsense controllers, meaning that the PlayStation UI should be available.

Although it will be unclear how significant many of these changes are without testing and crunching numbers, the immediate response has been ostensibly positive, excluding some wishing that everything remained unchanged. One of the central critiques is that the timing for perfect guarding is a little unforgiving, especially when specific attacks can only be countered with such. Despite that criticism not being addressed with this patch, the reduced HP will be a very welcome change to some. Current achievement statistics show that the vast majority of players are yet to beat the King of Puppets, and the developers likely wanted to make the difficulty spike a bit more manageable.

Lies of P Update 1.2.0 Patch Notes

Balance Changes

Field Monster Balance Changes

  • Decreased the HP of certain field monsters
  • Increased the chance of breaking some monsters’ stance and the frequency of stagger
  • Increased the staggerable window time

Decrease the HP of all 3 types of Dimensional Butterflies

Adjusted the rewards for some monsters

  • Increased the drop rate of Moonstone type items
  • Decreased the drop rate of Star Fragments
  • Increased the drop rate of Ergo items
  • Increased the Ergo rewards of certain monsters that appear after Lorenzini Arcade”

Boss Monster Balance Changes

  • Decreased the HP of ‘Fallen Archbishop Andreus’
  • Decreased the HP of ‘King of Puppets’ in the first phase
  • Decreased the HP of ‘Simon Manus, Arm of God’
  • Decreased the damage of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God’
  • Increased the chance to break the stance of ‘Simon Manus, Awakened God'”

Increased the Specter’s HP and damage

System Changes Related to the Character Progression Reset

  • Added the feature to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms at the ‘Gold Coin Tree’
  • Characters created after this patch will now receive 8 Gold Coin Fruits instead of 5 for their first harvest
  • Adjusted the required amount of gold coins to reset the character’s level, P-Organ, and Legion Arms

Additional Changes

  • Players will now be able to carry more weight for each point spent on Capacity
  • Decreased the weight of Amulets that could be purchased with Boss Ergo
  • Players will now be able to land attacks better when they use fable arts that consume three or more slots. (includes Fable Arts that stack)
  • Successfully performing the Fable Art ‘Guard Parry’ will now break the monster’s stance

New Features

Now supports the DUALSHOCK®4 & DualSense™ controllers on Windows OS devices

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium II – Acid Charge’ rarely not working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that the Legion Arm ‘Pandemonium’ consumed only Legion guage while using Grindstones
  • Fixed a bug that Geppetto’s face to flicker in the cutscene after defeating the ‘Nameless Puppet’ with Graphic Quality Presets – Low
  • Fixed a typo of Carlo Collodi in the End Credits. (We sincerely apologize to Mr. Collodi and that was not a lie!)

Lies of P is available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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