Leak Reveals Three New Sony Gaming Headsets

A leak shows off three new gaming headsets from Sony that appear to feature a new brand by the platform owner as they don’t have PlayStation features.

While technically all a player needs is a console, controller, and a game to begin gaming, there are plenty of extra pieces of hardware for the dedicated gamers out there who want to really show off their commitment to the hobby. From Secretlab’s gaming chairs to all the mice, keyboards, monitors, and more that PC players have to pick from, there are plenty of ways to step up one’s gaming experience. One of the simplest ways to do this may be with a gaming headset, as many claim that it helps build the immersion in video games when high-quality audio is fed directly to a gamer’s ears.


While there are those that don’t believe an expensive gaming headset is worth the money, there is still plenty of demand for a great audio experience. Now, it seems that Sony may be seeking to answer that demand, as the platform owner is reportedly producing three new gaming headsets. Previously, Sony has created audio equipment for its PlayStation consoles, such as the PS5 Pulse headsets.

However, these leaked designs may not be directly related to the PlayStation 5 and are allegedly part of a new brand Sony is creating called Inzone. Despite featuring a similar color scheme to the initial Pulse headset, these new peripherals won’t have any PlayStation branding on them, implying that Sony may be stepping away from making headsets for PC and PS5 exclusively. Currently, there are no details on which platforms these headsets are intended for, but looking at the specifications for the products might give an inkling on that information. Also, considering that the Pulse headset works on both PC and PS5, it is expected by many that the Inzone gear will be intended for those platforms too.

The first of the leaked models, titled the Inzone H3, is wired, unlike its H7 and H9 counterparts, which feature connections both via Bluetooth and a USB cable if needed. The port on the H3 is USB-C, which implies that the newer Sony headsets could be coming to PC as well as PlayStation. There’s also a volume dial on the H3 and an “NC/AMB” button, perhaps pointing to noise cancellation features or an ambient sound mode.

The H9 will also have noise cancellation, but there is no word on what features the H7 model will have besides being wireless. Moreover, it seems that Sony may also be designing some Inzone gaming monitors in addition to the new headsets. This latest rumor is corroborated in an eXputer article by reliable gaming leaker Tom Henderson, who believes that there will be a bunch of Inzone gaming acessories on the way soon.

Source: eXputer

Source: Gamerant

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