Intel Accidentally Leaked Test Driver for Unreleased DG3 GPU

Intel is gradually edging closer to the final launch of its upcoming Arc graphics card series, but a little blip has accidentally leaked some details.

While Nvidia is perhaps the current ruler of the GPU market, with AMD hot on its heels, eyes have been turning towards Intel to see what its up-and-coming range of graphics cards will be capable of. With an Arc roadmap laid out regarding Intel’s GPUs, the next few years are going to prove interesting for both its rivals, as well as those who have been waiting to try its new products. However, while not trying to reveal too much, it appears as though the tech giant has accidentally let slip some details about some of its future products, including the DG3.


According to a recent report, which cites a tweet from known leaker KOMACHI_ENSAKA, it seems as though Intel may have let slip some information about the upcoming DG3, which is codenamed “Elasti” by releasing the test drivers for the GPU, as well as several other hardware products. Driver is still available to download at the time of writing, suggesting that the company is not overly concerned about this unintentional leak.

The DG3 family is what will be used for the “Battlemage” GPU, which is rumored to be coming out in 2023, a year after Intel’s maiden card. The Arc “Alchemist” is expected to be out in Q2 2022, with the next three years or so dedicated to the release of additional graphics hardware, from the aforementioned Battemage, to “Celestial”, and finally “Druid,” which could hit shelves in 2025. All-in-all, the accidental uploading of the driver does not reveal anything too serious except for codenames of upcoming Intel hardware, although it does only list two DG3 names so far while simultaneously listing a lot more other products.

There’s a good chance that the company could make a significant splash next year when Alchemist is launched. With Nvidia possibly on course to lose OEM and mobile market share once Intel’s GPUs are out, it may be time for a new world leader in the graphics industry. Of course, there’s no way to know for sure how well these cards will perform until reviewers and customers have them in their hands, but that leaves another problem.

With the tech shortages expected to go on until 2023, even Intel cannot be too confident in getting its 2022 products into the hands of consumers. With so many people going without, unless they are willing to pay extortionate prices for new hardware, it doesn’t seem to matter how fancy a GPU is, or how many get released, if no one can get hold of any of it.

Source: WCCF Tech

Source: Gamerant

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