Inscryption: What is Kaycee’s Mod Beta?

The indie hit Inscryption has recently had an optional update adding a dev-developed mod called Kacyee’s Mod, and it is currently in Beta.

Inscryption is an indie game developed by Daniel Mullins. This strange tale is a blending of horror, deckbuilding, and Rogue-light mechanics, but recently, the developer released a new mod for this popular title called Kaycee’s Mod, and it changes the first part of Inscryption into a true Rogue-like.

Inscryption was one of the most popular indie games of 2021. Released in October 2021, Inscryption throws players into the middle of the game that seems to already have been started by someone else. The genre-bending and spooky Act 1 features a grisly game master that kills the player for making too many mistakes. Originally, this section was its own stand-alone game called Sacrifices Must Be Made, and it is one of the most in-depth and difficult parts of this unique puzzle game. So it was no surprise when people started to ask for more of Lechy’s cabin.


Release on December 14, 2021, Kacyee’s Mod is a free add-on that is still currently in beta. This mod alters the first Act of Inscryption and all three of its bosses into “endless, and increasingly challenging, roguelike.” This mod has added new cards, new starting decks, more challenges, and a shoutout to the in-game character Kaycee Hobbes, who died in a fire while programming Inscryption. The add-on can be added in Steam by right-clicking the title in a library, selecting “Properties,” clicking “Betas,” then selecting Kacyee’s Mod from the dropdown.


Kaycee’s Mod allows players to start with three unique types of starter decks, more cards and abilities than were available in Lachy’s cabin before, and even give the player challenge points. Each of these points makes the whole roguelike experience a little harder by taking away item slots, clovers, and other helpful items. In between progressively more difficult levels, players even get to peek a little deeper into the lore, characters, connections, and get more hints to what the weird endings of Inscryption might mean.

While it was only released a couple of weeks ago to the public, the developer has been keeping the mod up-to-date. With players piling into the Discord to share found bugs, tips, and discussing the lore, Inscryption dev Daniel Mullins has had his hands full adding new features and fixing bugs for this still-rough Beta mod. Hopefully, players will be seeing even more cards, challenges, and other new additions to this horror-themed, escape-room-style first Act in Inscryption’s Kacyee’s Mod.

Inscryption: Kaycee’s Mod Beta is available for PC.

Source: Gamerant

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