Incredible Elden Ring Video Shows All the Bosses Fighting Each Other at Once

Those familiar with Elden Ring lore will undoubtedly know all about the Shattering, as the war between Radagon and Marika’s children left many dead. While players could previously only learn about this war, a creative Elden Ring YouTuber has brought every demigod together for a massive free-for-all that gamers can watch.

This all-out-war between the game’s most iconic bosses has a perfect backdrop, as the modder behind the video, YouTuber Garden of Eyes, placed all the characters into Renalla’s boss arena. With the moon backdrop and watery ground from the Renalla fight making for one of the most visually stunning arenas in FromSoftware history, it is an exciting setting for the recreated Shattering. With the area decided on, Garden of Eyes placed down Rykard, Malenia, Morgott, Radahn, Mohg, and Godrick.


The battle in question takes place across four rounds, with the bosses scaled to the highest area levels and New Game Plus 7 difficulty. Following some mood-setting narration and a close up shot on each demigod, the first round begins, which is a straight forward “no limits” bout. Seeing all the bosses using their iconic attacks makes for a breathtaking visual, becoming even more memorable once they enter into their second phases. Ultimately, the first round comes down to Mohg, Rykard, and Radahn, with Mohg getting the victory due to his health drain attack.

The second contest sees Mohg defeating Godrick the Grafted, with the latter’s dragon arm being unable to stop the Lord of Blood. Despite bleed being disabled in this contest, Mohg once again found himself victorious. The third round brought position changes, and this was enough for Malenia to gain an advantage over her fellow demigods. After she defeated Mohg, the final round began, which saw the bosses restored to their first playthrough difficulties. Once again it came down to Malenia and Mohg, though the Blade of Miquella managed to swiftly defeat him before even entering her second phase.

Based on this unforgettable video, Malenia and Mohg are the strongest demigods in the Lands Between, as they each won two rounds. In the comments, many were quick to praise the video’s creator for this recreation of The Shattering’s war. Some comments pointed out how fun it was to see the Elden Ring bosses fighting with different music in the background, while others loved seeing Rykard rain down fire as Radahn plummeted into the ground. Others loved how often the rounds came down to Malenia and Mohg, as they found it appropriate based on the lore.

While players have seen Elden Ring bosses fight each other before, these battles have usually been one-on-one. As such, seeing one huge war is a lot of fun, and Garden of Eyes deserves all the praise that they are getting for this special content.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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