How Dragon Communion altars work in Elden Ring

If you’ve stumbled upon an Elden Ring Dragon Communion altar, you might be wondering what you’re supposed to do with it. It’s also easy to lose track of all the weird and wonderful locations or NPCs you find on your travels through the Lands Between, and it’s perfectly possible to overlook something that might be handy later.

Dragon Communion altars are certainly mysterious, especially if you find one before acquiring an Elden Ring Dragon Heart. These altars are especially useful to sorcerers as you can trade the hearts for Elden Ring spells, but only at night. Here’s what you need to know about Elden Ring Dragon Communion altars, including how to find them and where to get the corresponding Dragon Hearts. 

Elden Ring Dragon Communion Altar locations 

There are two locations—as far as we know—where you can find Dragon Communion Altars. You can check the screenshots below for maps of both locations. It also needs to be night before you can interact with either of them. 

The Church of Dragon Communion is found on an island off to the southwest of Limgrave and is likely to be the first one you come across. You’ll need to make your way through the Coastal Cave dungeon and beat the boss there to access it. Much like finding the Elden Ring Slumbering Wolf’s Shack, you need to look for another exit from the dungeon after you’re done. This brings you out onto the island where you’ll find a Site of Grace and the church.

You can use Dragon Hearts to get the following spells:

  • Dragonclaw (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Dragonfire (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Dragonmaw (Dragon Heart x1)
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Church of Dragon Communion location.
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Cathedral of Dragon Communion location.

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is located in the southwest area of Caelid, south of the main roadway as it loops east. This Dragon Altar offers the same spells as the church, but with a couple of additions. You can also unlock more spells by defeating the associated dragons.

These are the spells we’ve unlocked so far:

  • Dragonclaw (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Dragonfire (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Dragonmaw (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Glintstone Breath (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Rotten Breath (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Dragonice (Dragon Heart x1)
  • Agheel’s Flame (Dragon Heart x2): After beating Flying Dragon Agheel
  • Smarag’s Glintstone Breath (Dragon Heart x2): After beating Glintstone Dragon Smarag
  • Ekzykes’s Decay (Dragon Heart x2): After beating Decaying Ekzykes
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Flying Dragon Agheel location.
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Decaying Ekzykes location.
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Glintstone Dragon Smarag location.
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Glintstone Dragon Adula location.

Where to get Dragon Hearts in Elden Ring

Dragon Hearts are (unsurprisingly) dropped by dragons. Here are the locations of some of them to get you started. The screenshots above show their map locations:

Flying Dragon Agheel
This is likely to be the first dragon you encounter. He’s in the middle of the lake in Limgrave.

Decaying Ekzykes
This dragon is found, rather handily, patrolling north of the Cathedral of Dragon Communion in southwest Caelid.

Glintstone Dragon Smarag
This one is located on a small island to the west of Raya Lucaria Academy, close to the Academy Crystal Cave Site of Grace.

Glintstone Dragon Adula
This dragon is found outside the Cathedral of Manus Celes in southwest Liurnia. You’ll encounter it during Ranni’s quest.

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