Horizon Forbidden West Will Feature Tough Moral Choices

According to a developer on Horizon Forbidden West, the upcoming game will feature tough moral choices for players to confront, but only one ending.

Horizon Forbidden West is less than a month from launch, but fans are still learning some precise details of the game’s story and set-up. This sequel will pick up where Horizon Zero Dawn left off and follow Aloy as she journeys into a new, forbidden land in a desperate attempt to save her ruined world. According to its narrative director, Horizon Forbidden West will face the player with tough moral choices, but these decisions will lead to only one conclusion.


This may not be a surprise to fans, as Horizon Zero Dawn could be compared to a narrative-driven Monster Hunter game at times. It may make sense for the sequel to be just as focused on narrative, especially since Horizon Forbidden West appears to be preparing to present players with a truly impactful ending. However, the choice to allow the player to make moral decisions that may not influence the ending could be intriguing to gamers.

Narrative director Benjamin McCaw spoke with the Italian website Everyeye, a conversation that was translated by WCCFTech, and mentioned that, unlike most modern RPGs, Horizon Forbidden West will have just a single ending. However, the decisions the players make on the way to that ending may well influence the path that takes them there. It remains to be seen exactly how these choices will manifest in Horizon Forbidden West‘s story, but McCaw described them as being quite difficult to make.


Apparently, the Horizon Forbidden West campaign is set six months after the ending of Horizon Zero Dawn. Aloy will still take center stage, making her the glue that binds the game’s cast together. Reportedly, the story will focus on signs of a critical error appearing in the terraforming operation – presumably, the Red Blight that is seen choking wildlife and plant life in trailers. Aloy’s quest to repair the collapsing biosphere will take her deep into the titular Forbidden West in search of a way to stop the impending ecological collapse.

McCaw also noted in his interview that Horizon Forbidden West will touch upon themes of climate change and its impact on the local ecology. In real life, climate change is becoming increasingly well known for causing odd weather patterns and interfering with the migration and habitat of animals. It appears that Horizon Forbidden West is already planning to examine these symptoms. However, the animalistic machines that dominate the post-apocalyptic landscape are one of the most memorable aspects of the Horizon franchise, so it will be interesting to see how the changes impact them.

Horizon: Forbidden West launches for PS4 and PS5 on February 18.

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Source: Gamerant

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