Honkai: Star Rail Changed Pela Dialogue Following Backlash


  • Players were initially upset by Pela’s age reveal in Honkai: Star Rail, but many have started to accept it.
  • HoYoverse changed Pela’s dialogue in response to backlash, replacing a drunk message with one about sleepiness.
  • Some players are critical of the change, calling it lazy and pointing out a typo, but HoYoverse has a history of addressing players’ concerns.

Honkai: Star Rail recently changed Pela’s dialogue following some backlash from players. The HoYoverse games allows players to interact with various characters, including the option to respond to text messages from the playable characters.

One of the characters who occasionally texts the Trailblazer in the game is Pela. Recently, she was the subject of many discussions after it was revealed during Lynx’s Companion Mission in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.3 that she was only 16 years old. The age reveal caused a stir among the fanbase because they thought that she was already a young adult, and noted that it possibly messed with Honkai: Star Rail‘s timeline. Now, it seems some Honkai: Star Rail players have slowly started to accept Pela’s age.

Since Pela was confirmed to be underage, many players called on to HoYoverse to change a text conversation where she’s asking the Trailblazer for tips on how to sober up. Recently, Reddit user Laevialili shared that Honkai: Star Rail changed the dialogue from Pela being intoxicated to being sleep-deprived. In a screenshot shared on the platform, she now asks the Trailblazer how to “stave off sleepiness.”

Honkai: Star Rail players who’ve already encountered this specific message confirmed that HoYoverse changed her message in their text archives. However, there were some mixed reactions regarding the edit as players noticed that their chosen response to Pela’s message still mentioned the act of sobering up. Laevialili said it was a “lazy change” because HoYoverse only focused on Pela’s message but left out everything else. There were also a few who pointed out the typo in the new message, which players defended as simply a result of Pela’s sleep deprivation.

In the past, HoYoverse has been vocal about addressing players’ concerns regarding the gameplay quality of Honkai: Star Rail. It previously promised that it was going to tweak Seele’s ultimate animation after many players brought up how headache-inducing it was, which it also admitted that it might take some time to implement. HoYoverse has continuously applied quality of life updates to the game in every patch, including some changes that have sometimes gone under the radar, like Pela’s text message. Whether HoYoverse plans to edit the text archive further will be up to the developers, especially if they’re working on bigger, more important updates.

Honkai: Star Rail is currently in the middle of Version 1.4, but it’s already revealed some of its plans for Version 1.5, including the new five-star banner characters Huohuo and Argenti. Leaks have also revealed that a Silver Wolf re-run was allegedly on the horizon. So, it would seem that HoYoverse has a lot on its plate for the rest of the year.

Honkai: Star Rail is now available on Mobile, PC, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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